It’s rare these days that I get to take a vacation where I leave my camera at home. Typically when I travel, I love to capture photos by way of my DSLR so I can keep them forever and remember the trip.

This past month I traveled to Los Cabos, Mexico with one thing in mind: vacation (aka leave the camera behind).

Hesitant to just use my iPhone to capture all of the photos, I realized pretty fast I could easily remember my trip and good memories by way of the phone. It was great. My hands were free of my big camera, and I was truly able to be in the moment. Often I over capture my travels, so being able to be immersed where I was, was a rarity. It’s a beautiful thing to be fully present with the people you are with without the pressure of having to capture it perfectly.

After the trip, I wanted to print off some photos to have in hard copy. I really couldn’t remember the last time I had photos in hand. Everything I shoot these days usually never leaves my phone or computer. In this day and age, printed photos are few and far between. Shutterfly released a new app this year called TripPix and it’s solving this problem more brilliantly than ever.

It’s an iPhone app that allows you to upload photos you’ve taken on your phone during your travels and create a 15–30 image tangible book. The best part? The data from your photos helps customize the book in a way that is automatically tailored to your trip. For instance, a map will come out of where you were and be incorporated into the book. You can add information like who you were with, the theme of the book, and add in little travel quotes to help make the book come alive. After you’ve uploaded your photos into the app, tailored the book to your liking, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 and the book is shipped to you for free for $19.99!

My trip to Los Cabos was definitely the theme of a great escape, so my whole TripPix book had highlights of the slow times by the pool and ocean. I loved adding the different pops of color throughout and the concept of travel throughout the book — it is truly a great way to remember a vacation with friends to Mexico.

I’d love to encourage you guys to leave the camera behind, feel confident in using your phone to capture the photos, and be where you are. Afterwards, print out a fun book to relive your memories. The book comes with a great little bamboo wood stand that props the book up instead of just another coffee table book. I loved bringing my adventures to life with a tangible memory!

You can download the app easily with this link here and get started on your very own TripPix Book:   

Thanks to TripPix for sponsoring this post!

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