If there is one question I get asked more then others, it’s always, “how do you edit your IG photos?” So here it is…. 

When I say there’s a science behind the editing process, there truly is. Every blogger I talk to has their methods to the editing process before uploading a photo, each one being slightly different but rooted in the same apps. Often there are 200 photos for every one photo that is shared on social, as it can take time get the right lighting or angle.

So when it comes to editing my Instagram photos, these are the apps I use to get the look I like:

This is the king of filters and helps create a constant style. I love sticking to only a few sets of filters like the S1-S3 and the HB2/HB1 and using those across all photos to help maintain the same color tones. You can easily see how the feed will look like, so it prevents the multiple shots of coffee or scenes (unless that’s your thing.) Try playing with different levels of the filters to soften down the color tones.

This app is the best for balancing the photo. Often some photos will have bright spots or dark spots, and with the spot editor you can change parts of the photo with just a quick click. It’s brilliant for fixing the lighting when you get a shot that just needs a bit of spot editing. 

Surprise! I never use the filters of Instagram, but will use the custom editing for things like highlights, contrast, and warmth. These tools can help create the perfect look on a photo and I love the straightening tool to make sure the horizon lines are even. 

Stick to your style, what you love to capture, and happy clicking!


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