I feel like it was just yesterday I was in Thailand, but in fact, it was almost a year to date. One of my favorite destinations in Southeast Asia, Thailand is ripe with an array of experiences. Many head down south to get in the crystal waters, to see the jungles, and enjoy a bit of R&R. Whether it’s the islands, Phuket, or Krabi, they all seem to do the trick. Krabi was my favorite place in the south, with not as many tourists as Phuket, and a bit more natural.

If you’re considering going, here are the best hotels in Krabi:

1. The Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Hotel

A smaller more intimate hotel, the Tubkaak gives a very authentic experience to the area. It is more boutique, and the grounds are lush.

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2. Rayavadee Resort

This may be the most picturesque resort in Krabi, out on the point in Krabi. It is bigger than the Tubkaak (listed above), but is most definitely rated highest for service. The resort is tucked under palm trees and surrounded by lush gardens, and each room is incredibly peaceful.

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3. Anantara Si Kao Resort & Spa

Technically about 90 minutes from Krabi, this resort is well worth distance. It has a rustic-chic look to the hotel, and is by the bluest of waters.

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4. Phulay Bay, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

Ritz-Carlton Reserves are beautifully perfected, this one being no exception. Oversized rooms and placed right on the shores of Krabi, the Phulay Bay is both intimate and exquisite.

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5. Centara Grand Beach Resort

One of the larger resorts in the area, the Centara is only accessibly by boat, providing a bit of exclusivity. The rooms are decorated to fit into the surroundings, with a tropical flare.

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  1. Love your posts about Thailand! Do you know anything about hotels a bit cheaper than what you have shown here?Thanks

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