The red city provides a host of opportunities for photographers to snap away. The best photography locations in Marrakech are often best found in the early hours, before the crowds start to come in. Wake up a bit early, and find yourself in a magical place.
(Always remember to ask before taking photos of locals!)

The best photography locations in Marrakech, Morocco:

1. Ben Youssef Mosque
This one makes the top of the list for obvious reasons. Its inner courtyard laced with tiles, makes it one of those secluded dreams. Come earlier in the day to beat the tours, and be sure to explore the upper floors for a different vantage point.

2. The Medina
You could spend hours here finding nooks and crannies to photograph. Golden hour here illuminates the red walls, and the souks take on a another look.

3. Bahia Palace
I made the mistake of coming later in the day, but the lush gardens of this palace provide a picturesque retreat.

4. Nomads Restaurant
Though you’ll come here for the food at least once, this is also one of the best spots to catch the sunset and photograph into a bustling square. This was my first photo in Morocco and still one of my favorites.

5. Riad Yasmine
It’s all over Instagram and for good reason — the turquoise riad makes it impossibly perfect. Book a room or stop by for lunch and take a look at the courtyard for beautiful symmetry.

6. Atay Cafe Food
Another great spot for a drink, this also has a great vantage point for sunset over the city. The tower looms in the background, and the warm skies light up the city at night.

7. Markets
It was one of my favorite things to see, the diversity in produce! Be sure to stop by to see the local’s crossing paths and for produce unlike anywhere else in the world.

8. La Mamounia Hotel
The grounds are exceptional and the warm corners are perfect for photography. Book a room or a meal, and be sure to pass by the iconic black and white hall.

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  1. Savannah Hopkinson Reply

    This is just what I was looking for to use on my upcoming trip to Morocoo – definitely living that 21st century life, ha!

  2. Having come back from a Marrakech trip myself just under 2 months ago, I am going through your list and thinking: "Phew!" Because I managed to visit all of these places and take photos at each one. I would also add to the list Le Jardin Secret, which is like a tranquil, green oasis in the middle of the heaving Medina. Thank you for another great post; I always find your topics so interesting to read!
    Eire |

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