With the rapid development of downtown, the Santa Rosa restaurants seem to keep popping up. After spending a few days in Sonoma County, I walked away completely surprised. Santa Rosa has so many new restaurants and cafes to choose from, that I will definitely be returning. 

The Best Santa Rosa Restaurants

Since these Santa Rosa restaurants are so close to the Bay Area, it’s an easy day trip to the area. If you’re headed to wine country, I would recommend stopping in for a bite or even happy hour. Sonoma is full of experiences, so whether you’re in for the weekend at a local hotel or if you’re popping in for the day, be sure to check out these options.

[Editor’s note: this list is a compilation based on personal eats, recommended by locals and top picks based on reviews.] 

The Best Santa Rosa Restaurants

Downtown Santa Rosa Restaurants

The Spinster Sisters
Known for their incredible brunch and of course, you can’t pass on their kimchi bacon deviled eggs. 
Location: 401 S A St, Santa Rosa

Russian River Brewing
This place is a staple for the area. Come in for a local Russian River beer at the brewing company and they have bites like pizzas and salads too.
Location: 725 4th St, Santa Rosa

Noble Folk Ice Cream and Pie Bar
I was so excited to see this open up as it’s originally from Healdsburg. Their ice cream is delicious (be sure to ask for a free sample!).
Location: 539 4th St, Santa Rosa

Acre Coffee
My go-to coffee shop in Sonoma County. They have a few locations, with one in downtown.
Location: 621 4th St, Santa Rosa

Perch + Plow
Popular for their American-style food and friendly service.
Location: 900 Courthouse Square, Santa Rosa

Dierk’s Parkside Cafe
If you’re looking for an incredible breakfast that has that American, diner flare, come here. 
Location: 404 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa

The Jade Room – Wine Bar & Oysterette
This space is killer and their wine selection is incredible.
Location: 643 4th St, Santa Rosa

El Coqui
I’m a sucker for Puerto Rican food and this place is always packed. The food is amazing here and a must in the county.
Location: 400 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa

The Naked Pig
It’s a rustic cafe with great farm-to-fork bites for breakfast and brunch.
Location: 544 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa

Khoom Lanna
When it comes to Thai, this restaurant came the highest rated on Yelp’s website. Their food looks delicious, especially the curry.
Location: 107 4th St, Santa Rosa

The Best Santa Rosa Restaurants

The Best Santa Rosa Restaurants

Other Santa Rosa Restaurants

Trattoria Cattaneo
If you’re looking for Italian food, look no further than this restaurant.
Location: 2700 Yulupa Ave, Santa Rosa

John Ash & Co.
For an upmarket experience, this restaurant lives up to the hype. Chef Thomas Schmidt is originally from Vintner’s Inn and has gone on to do this restaurant. They also have a great happy hour if you want to pop into the front room beforehand instead.
Location: 4330 Barnes Rd, Santa Rosa

Rosso Pizzeria
For a local pizza joint, Rosso came as the most recommended. 
Location: 53 Montgomery Dr, Santa Rosa

Gaia’s Garden
For those looking for vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Santa Rosa, be sure to check out Gaia’s Garden. 
Location: 1899 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa

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The Best Santa Rosa Restaurants

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