A place for everything and everything in its place. That’s my motto for when I travel. A compartment for my electronics, documents in a holder, and all the knick-knacks else where. Being organized and knowing where everything is makes for a flawless trip.

Finding a good carry-on bag for when traveling can be difficult, finding one that is fashionable even harder. Making sure you have a durable bag is a must as having a break down during travel can be a pain and costly. Solution?

The O.M.G by Lo & Sons.

Lightweight, leather handles, heaps of compartments and much more. It is the carry-on bag for all of your electronic supplies, cosmetics and an outfit or two. This bag doubles as an overnight bag as well. I love all the little aspects of this bag. The side zipper for shoes, the attachable shoulder strap, the padded laptop pocket, and the adjustable back panel that allows you to slide it over your luggage!

The brand was kind enough to let me try this bag on my trip to Australia (much thanks Lo & Sons). I love to have everything organized while on the plane and am quite obsessed with this bag already. I keep finding little surprise compartments to put things and the inner organized freak I am is coming out.

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The O.M.G by Lo & Sons here

What to bring on your carry-on?

A few essentials I never travel without

  • Passport (plus copies)
  • Local currency
  • Local insiders guide like Luxe
  • Document holder
  • Mac/Ipad
  • Mophie phone charger
  • Book(s)
  • Earbuds/ Blow-up Pillow
  • Snacks

Travel often and travel safely.


*Thank you to Lo & Sons for sponsoring this post! As always, all opinions are my own.

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