With 50 bridges and 14 islands, Stockholm is a beautiful city set across the Baltic Sea. This complete travel guide to Stockholm is an opportunity to dive deep in to the rich history the city has to offer along with the many well-loved places, like designers and museums.  The Complete Travel Guide to Stockholm

Though I went in the winter, the cold didn’t hold us back to explore the charming streets and unique neighorhoods of the city. Each island has its own atmosphere, making it a very diverse experience. Of course Gamla Stan, the old town, is an icon but I really loved explore islands like Södermalm and Skeppsholmen. Stockholm felt much more Scandinavian than European, something I personally loved about the city. The Complete Travel Guide to Stockholm

With easy access in, the three days started off with a jammed-pack itinerary to see as much as possible while there. Stockholm is really approachable, and loved getting to see this very international city.

The Complete Travel Guide to Stockholm

The Complete Travel Guide to Stockholm

The Complete Travel Guide to Stockholm

The Complete Travel Guide to Stockholm

What to know before visiting Stockholm

  • The city is easily walkable and Uber is readily available. The metro is also very convenient and easy to purchase tickets upon arrival.
  • To get into the city, the Arlanda Express is the fastest option, getting you to heart of the city in less than 20 minutes.
  • During winter months, the city can be freezing cold and I’d recommend going later in the Spring or Summer season.
  • The local currency is the Swedish Krona, known as the SEK.
  • I’d recommend a minimum of three nights to see the city well.

The Complete Travel Guide to Stockholm

Where to stay in Stockholm

  • Hotel Skeppsholmen: Located on the oasis island of Skeppsholmen, it’s a hotel to escape to during your time in Stockholm. The clean and modern rooms are perfectly cozy and their breakfast is amazing. Be sure to book with Kiwi Collection to ensure the best stay.

Staying at the Hotel Skeppsholmen with Kiwi Collection

Where to eat in Stockholm

  • Woodstockholm: One of my favorite meals in the city, this seasonally-changing menu is fun and inventive with small plates and a pre-fixed menu. When I was there, it was themed towards Asian and loved their take on classics.
  • Indio Kitchen: I never thought I’d try Peruvian Sushi, but this place was to die for and could have gone twice! *Reserve in advance.
  • Barobao: A great lunch option that serves rice bowls with various toppings.
  • Kalf & Hansen: An healthy lunch option with organic food.
  • Pharmarium: One of the oldest bars in the city set in a stunning setting.
  • At Six: If you’re looking for a fine dining/splurge meal, this menu is one of the best in the city.
  • Greta’s: A bright and cheerful space to brunch at. Their soup was incredible!
  • Vete-Katten: A classic cafe for a sweet and coffee.
  • Nobis Hotel: Come here and grab a drink before going out at the bar.
  • These coffee shops: Drop Coffeehouse, Kaffeverket, and Greta’s.

The Complete Travel Guide to Stockholm

The Complete Travel Guide to Stockholm

The Complete Travel Guide to Stockholm

What to do in Stockholm

  • Explore Gamla Stan and get lost in the quaint streets.
  • Take a boat tour of the islands.
  • Enjoy complimentary access to the Museum of Modern Art (Moderna Museet).
  • Tour the beautiful rooms of the Royal Palace (one of my highlights!).
  • Dive into the antique shops in Södermalm. A favorite is Herr Judit Brandstationen.
  • Shop local designers, at shops like Acne Studios, Grandpa, and Dry Studios.
  • Head to the Fotografiska Museum to see changing exhibits. If you’re into photography, this is a must visit plus the bar upstairs is a great spot to stop for a drink afterwards.
  • Vasa Museum is also another highlight (I didn’t have time) but came highly recommended as well to see the historic ship.

The Complete Travel Guide to Stockholm

The Complete Travel Guide to Stockholm

The Complete Travel Guide to Stockholm

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    What beautiful photos! Stockholm is definitely on my list of places to travel, and this is such a useful guide – I love that it’s so straight to the point, just sent it to a friend who is also travelling to Sweden at the end of May!

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    • Jessica Wright
      Jessica Wright Reply

      So happy to hear you liked the guide! Stockholm will be so nice in May!

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    I love how informative and to the point all your travel guides are! You take amazing photos of the city! Can’t wait to visit some of the places you listed when i’m there next week !

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      Thank you so much-I’m glad you’re enjoying the content and getting some inspiration for your travel bucket list!

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