Many hours on the road have often led to dehydrated skin, dry hair, and more. These hydrating beauty products I always travel with have changed my beauty routine around for the better. I often joke that there isn’t enough eye cream in the world for the bags under these eyes, and with the help with a few products, I’ve been able to turn it around.

The Hydrating Beauty Products I Always Travel With

In the recent months, I have been switching to more hydrating products that are both organic and natural. It’s been hard to elimniate chemicals in my skincare routine, but slowly and surely, I am almost chemical free. With brands like Juice Beauty, Perricone MD, Saje, and Ursa Major, I’ve been able to make changes that are not only better for my skin and health, but often equivalent in cost to my previous products.

So here it is, the hydrating beauty products I always travel with.


Aesop Parsley Seed Face Wash: This is my tried and true face wash that doesn’t dry out my skin and perfect for balancing my skin before a day out.

Avene Gentle Eye Makeup Remover: My French heritage loves a good pharmacy item, and this is my go-to for a gentle makeup remover.

Essential Face Wipes by Ursa Major: I always have a few of these in my bag as they are uber convenient to wash off your face or to take off makeup. They’re natural and made out of bamboo!

PHYTO-PIGMENTS Illuminating Primer by Juice Beauty: I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin since using this product. My skin feels brighter and I love using it before applying my face cream.

STEM CELLULAR CC CreamMy daily foundation or cover-up has been this cream as it doubles as SPF and protects my skin. I love that it has light coverage and acts most like a moisturizer then a foundation. Also checkout what I pack for a beach getaway for some other key items for sunny destinations.

STEM CELLULAR Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment by Juice Beauty: I always have this with me on the plane, as it’s a great way to de-puff eyes and has helped me reduce my bags.

Eye Amaze Moisturizing Cream by Saje: This is a great daily use for an uber-hydrating eye cream. I rotate between this one and the Stem Cellular by Juice Beauty.

Golden Hour Recovery Cream by Ursa Major: When my skin has had its limit with dryness, this super rich cream is a great layer to put on at night before going to bed. I always have a small pot of it with me.


Oribe Moisturizing Cream: This is a must travel with, as I use the balm to protect my hair during the day.

Oribe Hair Mask: The hair mask is perfect for a pick me up when my hair is feeling dry.

Gisou Hair Oil: I use this daily and have found a huge different in the strength of my hair, plus it smells amazing.

*For shampoo/conditioner, I never travel without the one I use at home which is cheap, chemical free set from Whole Foods.


The Fixer Solid Oil by Perricone MD: It has a hard consistency but with a bit of heat turns into an oil, great for cracked skin.

Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden: I’ve used this all-purpose balm since I was a kid, and it truly does wonders. Bug bites, cuts, sores, and more can be fixed with this cream.

Other Accessories

Saje Pocket Farmacy Kit: I never leave home without this essential oil kit. It’s been a lifesaver for headaches, stomach aches, and sore muscles.

Clarity Jetset Case by TRUFFLE: I love this piece to keep my beauty products in as it has some structure to it (it’s also incredibly beautiful!).

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The Hydrating Beauty Products I Always Travel With

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