Welcome to one of the most diverse cities in the world. It is a blend of many cultures, old world to new world, and a bit of everything else in between. I think I spent most of my time trying to figure out the identity of this city until I quickly realized it’s a melting pot of many cultures.

Melbourne, Australia City Guide

The architecture is unique to say the least. You have modern sky scrapers, ornate buildings, old world brick and classic British style. Melbourne is one of those cities where you can experience a little of everything and it’s up to you. You can head down to CBD and enjoy the financial district and good shopping. Head down to South Bank for a nice stroll along the river with great open air bars and top hotels. Head to the parliament district and see the British influence at it’s finest in the buildings and parks. Go over to Fitzroy and step back in time to old buildings with carefully crafted ornate decorations. You have it all.

Every block changes with colors, style and size. I think that’s what I came to appreciate most about this city all said and done. One minute you could be in Paris, another London, the next New Orleans and then suddenly Chinatown. The city is booming with life. Bustling coffee shops, packed restaurants and high end shopping. You have some of the best of all arts in one place. Top cafes are a highlight and not to be missed (Read my guide here). Of course you should partake in the infamous “breakky” (read here). And if you haven’t broken your wallet head to the new emporium for great shopping.

Here’s a few places not to miss

  • South Bank
  • Fitzroy
  • Centre Place
  • City Circle Tram
  • St Paul’s Cathedral
  • Eureka Skydeck
  • Flinders Street Station
  • Cathedral Arcade
  • Federation Square
  • Princess Bridge

Have fun, be open to new experiences and enjoy the multicultural city of Melbourne!


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