It’s been an absolute miracle that the sun has been shining in San Francisco in June — finally breaking that good ol’ “June gloom” habit. With blue skies and picnic basket in hand, I headed to the park for an afternoon of sun-bathing and some good eats with my friend Jenna and her pup Riggs. 

I love the Alta Plaza Park in Pacific Heights for it’s spacious green lawns, views of the city, and usually quieter crowds. It’s great to spread out, lay back, and have some slow time during a hectic week. You don’t realize how fast your week is going until you sit down and take a moment to yourself.

The theme for this picnic basket was all around the wine and cheese for a yummy afternoon treat. With summer here, I love the classics like caprese salad with fresh heirloom tomatoes and juicy watermelon to beat the heat — of course a cold white wine is always the best choice for a warm day. When it comes to summer wine, I like something light and crisp and have been getting into Chardonnays again. The Meiomi was a perfect match for all the tasty goat cheeses and fruits. 

Here’s what was in our perfect summer picnic basket:
+ Sliced watermelons
+ Fresh strawberries
+ Baguette (of course)
+ Goat brie cheese, goat gouda, aged cheddar
+ Pot of honey (paired with the cheese)
+ Meiomi Vintage 2013 Chardonnay (twist cap easy for resealing on the go)
+ Beran 2012 Zinfandel (great lighter blend that pairs well with cheese)
+ Caprese salad

Hope this inspires you to take a break this weekend, sit back, and enjoy a yummy summer picnic in San Francisco (or wherever you are)!

*Most items can be found at your local grocer

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