I love my job, I really do — every moment from discovering the best places in the world to the frustrations of not seeing family for weeks on end and feeling exhausted. Traveling full time is one incredible journey and I cherish each and every memory. 

These photos are a genuine look at what it means to be a travel blogger.

So let’s be honest, travel is not always as glamorous as it is filtered. There’s flight delays, airport naps, and more moments that are not necessarily funny in the moment but when I look back, I crack up. 

I thought this would be a fun post to share with you guys so you could see behind the scenes of what it means to be a travel blogger. The good, the bad, and the ridiculous.

Have a look…. 

Where: Yellowstone Grand Canyon
What: Trying not to be soaked in the rain by covering myself with a black plastic bag to get “the shot.”

Where: Sun Valley Lodge, Sun Valley
What: After a few days of an adventure campaign, I figured the lodge would be a great spot to just close my eyes for a few minutes…well an hour later… 

Where: Starbucks??
What: The typical, “Hey can you pull over so I can get WiFi to answer these emails…” I think I’ve spent more time at Starbucks in different cities working than my own desk. The joys of a mobile office.

Where: Driving from SF to Yosemite
What: Learning the car is the best place to sleep after landing in from a redeye from Jordan while heading to the next destination. Apparently my husband thinks it’s hilarious how much I sleep in the car as there are equal amounts of photos of our cats as me sleeping in a car. 

Where: Yellowstone National Park
What: Oh boy do I wish you could see my face of pure terror and joy. Less than 50 yards away from a mother black bear and her two cubs, trying to get a good capture — a total rush!

Where: Sawtooth Mountains
What: Trying to decide if walking across the ice is worth it to get a photo of the frozen lake and mountains. I made it about 15 feet until the ice starting making the shrieking noise from hell and I found out that I still have the speed of my 16-year-old self. 

Where: Nicaragua
What: Taking a break just to dive in the pool, these moments are peaceful and so serene and make the long days and late nights writing so worth it. 

Where: Wadi Rum, Jordan
What: Getting spit at by camel and pressing my luck to make a friend.

Where: Nicaragua
What: To get to a secluded beach from a catameran, we had to swim 50 yards in the water. The only problem was that day the water was filled with jellyfish. Desperate to get to the beach and wanting to get off the boat for a bit, a few of us decided to try to bare the pain of the stings. It was a bittersweet memory to say the least and learned a quick lesson in soothing jellyfish stings: lime juice! 

Where: Fraser Island, Australia
What: Learning that you can’t always control the weather. 

Where: Nicaragua
What: The pure joy of facing your fears of the ocean and standing up the first time on a surfboard. One of the best memories yet. 

Where: Jordan
What: The locals said, “Hike up the sand dune and run down as fast as possible.” It went downhill really fast (literally) and equated to finding red sand in every inch of my clothes. Worth it.

Where: Home, San Francisco
What: After being on the road for weeks on end and not being with friends, nothing beats coming home to these guys. Thankful for this group who supports me while I am on the road in more ways than none. Love you CG. 

Where: Somewhere between Idaho and Montana
What: Playing catch up on sleep, as always. 

Where: Yellowstone
What: Early morning rise to go capture one of the most incredible thermal springs. One of my favorite parts of travel blogging is capturing images. What takes heaps of patience, early mornings, and waiting for the perfect timing, when you get the photo, it’s an unbelievable feeling. 

Where: Big Sur
What: Sometimes we forget things, like our hotel keys inside and have to be creative. 


Where: Yosemite National Park
What: When sweat pays off for the best view in the park. The 8 hour hike to take in this wonder. 

And what better way to end it than another sleeping photo. You know you’re tired when you fall asleep on the world’s largest and loudest snowcat that’s moving tons of snow in Sun Valley, Idaho. 


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    Daniel Herron Reply

    I love this Jess! I AM SO CRAZY PROUD OF YOU, and privileged to call you friend. The behind the scenes shots give everyone else a glimpse at the real you, the version of you that those of us lucky to know you have grown to admire and love. You are extremely talented and have always have that drive and intensity which sets you apart. Its awesome to see where it has lead you. Keep chasing your dreams and soaking up every peaceful moment (and car-ride-nap) you can!

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    Thank you for sharing a look at what it’s like to be a travel blogger. People always have a misconception that working as a full-time blogger or having a mobile office is glamorous and exciting. It can be glamorous and exciting, but there’s a lot of work to be done and arrange that can get tiring and overwhelming. Still, it’s totally worth it to get your work out there and chase your dreams! Keep up the great work!


    • Jessica Wright
      Jessica Wright Reply

      You bet, I am happy to be honest and appreciate your feedback!

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    Jayne Gorman Reply

    I love this – it’s a great ability for a travel blogger to be able to sleep anywhere. It looks like you’ve nailed it 🙂

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