Ready to utilize Pinterest to drive meaningful web traffic to your website?

Are you running a business that requires wearing several hats and feel like you can’t do it all?
What if there was an intuitive process that helped you effectively manage Pinterest for UNDER 2 hours a week AND drove meaningful web traffic? You could take the guess-work out of growing your blog by implementing process-driven management. As someone who utilizes Pinterest to drive 150,000+ readers a year to my website, I want to show you how to get Pinterest to work for you.

Welcome to the Pinterest Process E-book

An e-book that will help you generate meaningful web traffic through process-driven management.

The Pinterest Process Cover

With over 335 million users on Pinterest, it is one of the most effective ways to grow your new or existing blog and attract loyal readers. Being strategically active on Pinterest can pivot your blog into a business. And the best part? You don’t need thousands of followers for thousands of clicks.

I’m giving you a visual guide for scaling Pinterest in this e-book. It is everything I have personally done over the last six year to grow as a business and sustain my blog.

Pinterest is a visual search engine. It means that when someone searches for something, the search engine will populate results that are the best fit for the keyword(s). This means that anyone can show up for the results if the content is good and has a bit of strategy behind it.

That is what I am going to teach you. The strategy behind creating quality content that is SEO-backed and can rank well in search results.

You may be thinking, Wait, this is going to take several hours a week. NOPE, think again! After identifying core principles and strategies, I’ll streamline it into a five-step process that you can effectively manage your Pinterest account and drive web traffic.

Who is This Pinterest E-Book for?

The Pinterest Process E-book is for those who are already active on Pinterest and looking to up-level their strategy and process. The principles in this e-book are for bloggers, content creators, and businesses who are actively creating written and visual content. You will want to have a basic understanding of how to use Pinterest itself. (This is not an introduction to Pinterest).

Over the years, I’ve consulted bloggers, tourism boards, and hotels with this process. The verbiage in the e-book is geared towards content creators of any kind.

For small businesses, are you writing blog posts that support your business? Then you’ll really be able to utilize this e-book to drive traffic to your site which can lead to more eyeballs to your products.

What You’ll Get in the 45+ Page Pinterest Process E-Book

1. How to set up a strong profile

Let’s get you set up for success. Foundation and those little details are everything. I’ll lay out vital steps to creating a business account that reflects your brand and is tech-savvy.

2. Identifying Pinterest keywords

Keywords are your best friend for identifying traffic outlets. I’ll teach the basics of Pinterest SEO to help you identify your audience (who), target keywords (what), and understand the strategy of SEO (how).

3. The SEO strategy mindset

What is the best strategy for creating content? I’ll run down my mindset for how I think about content + pin creation.

4. Effectively creating beautiful pins

Beautiful, stand out pins that reflect your brand and get the attention they deserve — that’s my recipe for pin creation. I give you a visual guide to creating beautiful pins so you can get started.

5. How to connect to a larger audience

Let’s get you connected. Learn how to identify ways to build larger audiences with community-focused practices.

6. Utilizing process to publish 100+ weekly pins

I’m giving you the best ways to effectively publish your pins (and have them published even while you’re doing other tasks). Think of it like putting together 5-6 mini processes that will flow into one large process. You need all of those little creeks to make one flowing river.

7. The ultimate 5-step Pinterest process

To wrap up the e-book, I’m going to put it all into one weekly 5-step process that will get you on your way to managing your Pinterest account. My goal is to spend no more than 2 hours a week to drive meaningful traffic. This process is my secret sauce for effectively managing Pinterest whilst running my business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a refund policy?
Because this is a digital download, all sales are non-refundable and final. If you do have any additional questions, please reach out via the contact form.

How do I receive the e-book?
Once you’ve purchased, you’ll have an opportunity to download the pdf after confirmation. It will also be sent to your email address used in the order as a digital download with lifetime access.

Will I be able to use this e-book?
This process for Pinterest is for ANYONE actively creating shareable content on Pinterest who is looking to grow web traffic. It will help you grow your profile and web traffic. Here are a few that come to mind:

  • Bloggers
  • Tourism Boards + hotels with an active blog
  • Small Businesses with shareable content + products

What Others Said Have Said

“Getting a glimpse at your process is invaluable. There are probably a thousand Pinterest e-books out there, but only one is going to include the strategy of someone who I know is ultra-productive with her time I think it would be worth that price just for process alone – the rest is just icing on the cake.”

Carly Helfand of the blog 52 Cities and contributing journalist to Business Insider and Condé Nast Traveler

I’ve understood the possibility of Pinterest for a while now, but have been overwhelmed with how to craft content designed to succeed on the platform. What I love most about Jessica’s e-book is that she’s laid out a systematic process that’s easy to follow, and repeat, to help us find opportunities for content on Pinterest, and build content that is sure to succeed. In addition to this, she answer’s every question you might possibly have about Pinterest, so whether you’re new to the platform, or looking to up your game like me, there’s insight for everyone.

Lauren of Voyage & Venture

I always knew about the power of Pinterest, but my hours of work designing pins, Tailwinding, and randomly choosing boards just felt like a guessing game. Jessica’s Pinterest Process gave me a clear five-step strategy to follow as she broke down everything from how to create a beautiful pin to her exact process for managing an ongoing queue. I especially love her checklists that took all the guesswork out of maintaining a successful pinning strategy. If you are tired of feeling overwhelmed by Pinterest like I was, I can’t recommend this e-book enough!

Cassie of the blog Cassie’s Compass

“I have always known Pinterest was my main driver for blog page views for social media, but after going through the Pinterest e-book, I realize I should have a more meaningful and purposeful approach to see even better results. Jessica goes into detail about the whole process, from creating beautiful branded pins, how to schedule them, and how it all fits into her five-step process. I am better equipped to bring new life into past content, and set up for success as I create and market new blog posts. If you use Pinterest and feel stuck, knowing it can help bring better results to your website or blog, I highly recommend her e-book! 

Katherine of blog City and See

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