Looking for somewhere new to visit? Well, TripAdvisor just released their top 25 best destinations in the world according to travelers. Get ready for your wanderlust to hit an all time high with a list like this including places across the world from Asia, to Europe, the U.S, South America, and more.

Where are you excited to go?!

1. Marrakech, Morocco 

2. Siem Reap, Cambodia

image via wiki
image via wiki

3. Istanbul, Turkey

4. Hanoi, Vietnam

5. Prague, Czech Republic

6. London, United Kingdom

7. Rome, Italy 

8. Buenos Aires, Argentina

9. Paris, France

10. Cape Town Central, South Africa

11. New York City, United States

12. Zermatt, Switzerland

13. Barcelona, Spain

14. Goreme, Turkey

15. Ubud, Indonesia

16. Cusco, Peru

17. St. Petersburg, Russia

18. Bangkok, Thailand

19. Kathmandu, Nepal

20. Athens, Greece

21. Budapest, Hungary

22. Queenstown, New Zealand

23. Hong Kong, China

24. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

25. Sydney, Australia

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