Everything changes, yet nothing changes at all. This is Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

When visiting this past summer, I was allured by the adventure and small town welcome, the warm breezes and sunny days. Now returning in the winter, the change was evident — snowcapped mountains towered over the valley, wintery days and the promise of snow-filled adventures awaited.

As we landed at the small airport of Jackson Hole, the intimate space and a friendly welcome awaited us. It was then I knew that nothing had changed at all. The town I fell in love with six months ago was still the same, only this time we had a few extra layers on.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is part of but not really part of the U.S. It’s engrained with Western tradition like saloon bars equipped with saddles for seats, and antlers decorating many corners of the town. At the same time it’s different, you sense it marches to a beat of a different drum. Jackson Hole has an appreciation for all things wild. All things natural. And all things adventure.

This is why Jackson Hole is the ultimate winter getaway.

With much anticipation for thick snow, soft powder, and dustings of frost in the morning, I packed my bags for what would be an adventure of a lifetime. The days would be early and rewarding, the nights cozy and indoors — something I adore about this time of year. Leaning on the expertise of local trip planners, Jackson Hole Central Reservations, we put together an itinerary that touched the best of this season’s adventure.

Take a look at the ultimate winter getaway to Jackson Hole:

The Ultimate Winter Getaway to Jackson Hole

How to Get There

  • With direct flights out of major airports like SFO, LAX, DEN, and ten others, it’s easy find direct flights. Something to keep in mind is that this time of year, snow can be thick causing road closures, so a short, direct flight into Jackson Hole is the most convenient way to arrive. With Jackson Hole Central Reservations, there are many bundle options for air + ski + hotel, where by booking a package your air may qualify for a $200 discount per person. (P.S. keep your eyes pealed when you land, the view of the Grand Tetons is stunning, and this is the only commercial airport in a U.S. National park!)

Where to Stay

  • Convenience is key and a good location is mandatory during this time of year. Staying in downtown affords you an opportunity to be close to amenities like restaurants and many excursions, which is why we chose to stay at the White Buffalo Club. With a complimentary ski shuttle service, and airport transfers on offer, it makes not having a car extremely doable. The hotel was exactly what we needed for an extended stay as the rooms were spacious and cozy, and the location allowed us to walk in downtown. (Read full hotel review here).

+ There is also a great bus service with START Bus should you need to get around to further distances.

Where to Eat

Jackson Hole’s offerings for food are always plentiful, giving another reason to love this place. Sticking to some personal favorites like a return to Hatch Taqueria and Persephone Bakery, I also branched out to try a few new spots. The restaurant Local lived up to its reputation for quality meats, and the suggestion to try King Sushi from Jackson Hole Central Reservation was incredible. For a full restaurant guide to Jackson Hole, see this post.

Your Adventure Itinerary

Day 1: Settle in.

There is a lot to soak in. The town square is iconic, and a picture under the antlers is a must. Walk around downtown, do a little shopping, and enjoy a hot chocolate at Persephone Bakery.

Day 2: Seek new heights.

Grab your gear; it’s time to hit the slopes. With 2,500 acres of in-bound terrain at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, you’re guaranteed some incredible rides. The newly opened Teton Lift affords you quicker access to even more trails that are longer and perfectly groomed. One full day of skiing, or even a couple, is surely not to disappoint at one of the best resorts in America.

Day 3: Become a professional musher.

Okay you’ve seen the Alaskan Iditarod, now it’s your turn to be a musher (or ride along if you prefer.) Gliding across the countryside of Jackson Hole by dogsled is an experience you’ll never forget — it will be the highlight of your trip. With Jackson Hole Sled Dog Tours, your experience will be filled with postcard moments. Read more about my personal dog sledding experience here.

Day 4: Escape into the wilderness.

With Jackson Hole’s close proximity to Yellowstone National Park, your opportunity to see one of the most stunning parks is a quick drive away. With the thrill of a snowmobile ride, you can take a full day tour with Scenic Safaris to experience the park. During your tour, you’ll see highlights like Old Faithful Geyser spout off, bison hanging in the snow, and inspiring landscapes.

Bon Traveler’s Tips

  •  All of your adventures need to be booked in advance, my best tip would be to utilize Jackson Hole Central Reservations to have them arrange your activities, hotel, and flight. With multiple bundle packages, there is plenty of savings available to you.
  •  It’s winter, proper clothing like layers, good boots, and a warm coat will be your best friend. See what to pack for a winter getaway here.
  •  Don’t forget a camera, the scenery is jaw-dropping!

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Travel well, travel often. Xx


  1. This is a great post. I spent a year living in Jackson Hole, and I’ll never forget it. I like that you went beyond just skiing and explored the wilderness in many different ways. That’s what makes Jackson so special, and different from other ski resorts. It never feels like a "resort" – it’s just a mountain wilderness – where you can do some skiing, among other things. You represented it well!

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