Do “weekenders” have to be on the weekend, why not mid-week too? On my trip through Australia, I spent a “weekender” mid-week in Byron Bay for a spa retreat. Not needing to pack my whole entire suitcase for a few night’s stay, this weekender bag by Lo & Sons came in perfect hand.

It was easy to pack in my large suitcase as it lay flat and the canvas material does not weigh much. Everyone knows I am not one for packing light and that I prefer to have everything on me at all times, so my skepticism in packing just this bag was certain. It wasn’t until I finished putting everything into the Lo & Sons Weekender that I realized how much I could fit in it.

The bag is so practical as it has the bottom zipper to put shoes or towels or anything else that would lie flat. Then inside I was able to fit three days worth of clothes (and more), my toiletries and a few books for the spa. I was amazed by how everything fit perfectly in there and all the little details of the bag made it easy to use.

The easy to carry, stylish bag is perfect for the on the go trip when you travel. This is the bag I would take for a “weekender” and pack as an extra bag in my large suitcase for longer trips. Thank you Lo & Sons for letting me try out the best weekender bag.

Tips for packing smart and light:

  1. Be practical, sort out before hand what you really need
  2. Choose versatile clothes, for instance a black shirt goes with jeans or shorts
  3. Plan outfits according to the schedule, weather, and location

Get the weekender.

Thank you to Lo & Sons for sponsoring this post!

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