Imagine a warm canapé with fresh grated truffles and a glass of champagne to start your three hour dining experience. A wait staff that redefines the word service, a bread cart with over seven kinds of bread, and enough courses that will make you loosen your belt.

Bouley. Bouley. Bouley. Rated a solid 29 out of 30 on Zagat for high levels of service, quality and consistency, this restaurant is truly a gem. Located in the iconic district of Tribeca, the apple lined entry room to this restaurant will blow your mind.

Let’s just start with the dining room. The south of France for the first time is contained in a room; high arched ceilings with stunning paintings and velvet seats. Throughout the precession of courses, you will lose count of how many pieces of silverware were given to you. The setting is enchanting.

At this point you probably feel this one dining experience is one month’s rent. Its not and thats what is amazing. Sure you could go to Per Se and spend five hundred a couple or head over to the Upper West Side for dinner at one of Jean- Georges’ restaurants, but why?

Bouley’s prefix course lunch is beyond exceptional for the price, unless you decided to have a glass of wine. But speaking honestly, a glass of wine with lunch is always a good idea. A total of five courses, a handful of amuse bouches and more desserts then you want to count. Made with the finest ingredients, Chef David Bouley combines French technique and style with Japanese flavors. (Side-note, prefer Japanese, go to his other restaurant Brushstroke)

Essentially this restaurant is the Disneyland for foodies. High level cuisine, phenomenal service and more extravagant courses then one can count makes this restaurant. The entire experience will have you engage with food in ways you didn’t think you could. The key is going for the lunch prefix, the dinner prefix price could buy groceries for a month.

If the price and quality has not sold you yet, let us taste some of his dishes. “Forager’s Treasure of Wild Mushrooms,” this is a plate of mushrooms hand picked in Upstate New York, grilled toro, coconut froth and grated truffles. The main entree, slow braised kobe style beef cheeks paired with house made blue kale gnocchi. The food is so delicate that it embraces the phrase “melts in your mouth”.

Now that you have the flavor of truffles and other ingredients, I urge anyone who is within a reasonable distance of Bouley to go sit and have a spectacular lunch that will more than likely ruin your taste buds for the rest of your life.

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