When it comes to traveling, I covet anything that provides a bit more convenience. One of my concerns when planning travel is sorting out my luggage. Having to consider each airline’s unique luggage guidelines, how many pieces to bring, extra fees, and weight requirements — this is one aspect of travel I ‘d be happy to streamline. 

Meet Luggage Free. A premium service to rid your luggage worries, Luggage Free ships your bags ahead of you, worldwide. This means no more carrying-on, waiting to pick up your suitcases at baggage claim after flying, or dealing with customs. Their door-to-door service provides a hassle-free opportunity to take care of your luggage ahead of time with home pickup and a guaranteed delivery time. In addition to your standard luggage, you can also ship ahead your skis, bikes, and golf clubs to your final destination. 

This week I personally tried out the service to see what the rave is all about. Set to embark from San Francisco on two consecutive weeks of travel, I chose to ship my 25-inch suitcase ahead to my first destination of Boise, Idaho.

Packed with everything I would need, I scheduled a pickup time for the day before my flight. Incredibly professional and right on time of the scheduled pickup, a Luggage Free team member arrived at my house and whisked away suitcase. Out of habit, the day of my flight I went to go pack my bag, just to remember that I had already shipped my suitcase ahead. Arriving to the airport, security was a breeze, I bypassed the check-in counter, and went to my gate holding just my purse. A truly breeze of a travel day.

I arrived in Boise with my suitcase awaiting me at my destination, professionally protected, and in mint condition. It was brilliant. The entire experience was deftly executed. Luggage Free is truly convenience perfected, and I’m looking forward to using them for future adventures.

After trying out Luggage Free, I am excited to offer $25 off your first booking with this discount code: “BON25”. 

In addition, this weekend until midnight on Sunday, I am also doing a giveaway on Instagram where you have an opportunity to win a one-way service with Luggage Free. Be sure check today to enter on the post!

*Thank you kindly to Luggage Free for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are own. 

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