As I pack and prepare in anticipation of tomorrow, there are a thousand thoughts running through my mind (then I remembered I have a travel journal — perfect place to capture them).

I feel honored to have been chosen to go to Jordan with Visit Jordan and explore the beautiful country known for many gems like Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Dead Sea. In addition to feeling honored, I am thrilled! As an avid traveler I have my list of bucket list places, and a few of which are in the country of Jordan.

Being home for just three days before this trip, it’s been busy — full of meetings, appointments, and the daily work flow — leaving me with little time to reflect on the reality that tomorrow I will be traveling half way around the world.

Well, amidst the flurry, it just hit me. I am traveling to the Middle East for the first time. 


My emotions are all over the map — quite literally. I am excited. I am overwhelmed by curiosity of the tastes, smells, and sights that are to come in the upcoming week. I am nervous — nervous that I maybe didn’t pack the right clothes, or have forgotten something. All very real feelings before going somewhere. 

Having never been to the Middle East, there are so many personal unknowns. I spent this past week researching and studying customs for Jordan. I want to be a part of their culture — not just another tourist passing through. I crave to experience their daily life — from morning to dusk. I want to taste their family meals, and come home with a new food addiction. I want to be overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscape, and be exposed to the creativity in nature. I want to dive into history, and learn someone’s story. Everything with fresh eyes, an open heart, and a focused mind.

Jordan, my name is Jessica and I am coming for you.


Follow along on the journey on Instagram at @bontraveler and #unravelingJordan

Thank you to the Ministry Of Tourism And Antiquities and the Fondazione Sistema Toscana for this amazing opportunity.


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