Steady now, press, and release – and you hope when you get home the photo of the once in a lifetime moment is clear and will be good. After testing out many cameras, and coming home with blurry and unusable photos (and a lot of frustration), I set out to find the recipe for taking better travel photos. At first I thought it was the technology, which I fixed as a good camera is crucial, but then realized the devil was in the details. After messing around with many settings and figuring out a few things (not all) I thought I would share with you a few simply photography tips for taking better travel photos.

Tip 1: A Good Camera
Yes the point and shoot may work for a while but as some point a solid camera comes handy. I loved working with the Nikon J3 for a long time and it worked well. As I advanced my camera “skills” and fell in love with photography, I decided upgraded to the Nikon D3200. I love shooting with both but I found the D3200 took more clear photos and served better for all settings. Both are great cameras for travel as they capture good light, easy to use, and not to heavy.

Tip 2: Lighting
This will be your best friend and your worst enemy. Lighting is everything in photography. Making sure you time it with the day is crucial for a good shot. This is one of the many reasons I wake up early as I know dawn is great for light for landscape photography and less people. The mid-afternoon sun means glares and blown out photos. Right at dusk is also a great time to capture some incredible photos.

Tip 3: Steady
Want to capture long exposure or a more clear photo? Maybe a tripod would come in handy if you need to steady up. This will help with clarity and no blurriness in your photos.

Tip 4: Color & Detail
Keeping your eye out for the colors that pop will make for great photos. Details of a shot like a corner street sign or a vine growing on a wall captures an interesting shot. When I said the devil is in the details, I really do mean it – a photo that invites a moment will capture more of a story.

Tip 5: Capture What Speaks To You
They are your travel photos! Maybe you love capturing people walking or bridges or churches, whatever it is, capture what speaks to you. I adore Europe’s doors, so I have an unusual amount of door photos but they’re interesting to me and I love them!

Tip 6: Tell A Story
When we travel there is so many stories happening around us. Travel photos are an opportunity to tell a story to everyone else: what we saw, what we felt, and what we thought.

Tip 7: Let It Be Natural
I am always guilty of searching for the perfect photo as I come from a social media background, but when you force it, it shows. Wait for the right moment and enjoy your time with or without the camera and be in the moment!

Bon Travels! Xx

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