We all know vacations and traveling is a time to indulge in the finer things in life. Perhaps croissants with every meal or a few more pit stops at the local bakery for a sweet treat. But how does one stay in shape when you travel? I know I like to enjoy myself when I travel but always in reason. Traveling a good portion of the year means I must take my fitness with me on the go and be determined to stay fit. After re-determining my goals for the year, I set out to find a method to be fit all year long and not let my travels take a toll on my body. I use to joke with my family and friends that every time I go to Europe I would gain 8 pounds as it seemed to happen naturally after all the wine, cheese and pastries. But no more, I still want to enjoy my trip but need to be reasonable. These are my fitness tips..

Tip #1 Prepare ahead

This can mean different things to people. If exercise is important to you, perhaps picking a hotel that has a gym would help you prepare ahead. For those who have diet restrictions, researching restaurants you can dine at will be helpful to do before hand. I always set out goals for my trip. I determine if I will go for a run in the morning or the evening of each day so that I can keep fit.

Tip #2 Be on top of it

This means reminding yourself everyday what it is you have set out to do. Whether it be fitness or healthy eating, sticking to your plan is a must.

Tip #3 Choose the long way

I find when I travel that taking the long way is often the best way for a few reasons. I love to walk cities even though the metro or taxi would be faster. This allows me to get some fitness in every day throughout my travels.

Tip #4 Pack appropriately

Be sure to have what you will need to be active. Often forgetting a pair of running shoes will deter you to not go for the run or a gym session.


Overall be realistic with yourself and what you will have time to do. If fitness and staying in shape while you travel is important be sure to make the time and prepare ahead.

Travel well & Travel often.


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