Yes France is a romantic destination within itself, but there are top five cities to not miss for romance. From cute villages to quaint cafes, views and more, France has so many options for getting swept off your feet. I love traveling through the countryside and making my way down to the Riviera. Each location has a different experience and I want to share with you my top 5 romantic cities to visit in France!

(not in any particular order)

Annecy, France

This little village set in the Alps of France is a dream. It is often called the Venice of France as the place is set upon cobblestone roads around canal ways. Sitting on Lake Annecy the views are to die for. You can walk around at the farmer’s market on the weekends, getting an opportunity to try many different local foods. Annecy, France is a place not to miss to fall in love with. Check out my travel guide here

Paris, France
Paris, France

Paris, France

Sure it is a city, but what’s not to love about walking down the Seine River hand in hand with a baguette and taking in the scenery? From walks in the long gardens, exploring the Louvre, and finishing up the day at a quaint cafe, Paris is the perfect city to find romance. I love renting an apartment and getting into the culture here. Check out my travel guide here

Loire Valley, France

Just south of Paris is the magical valley that holds all of the infamous castles. Staying at a bed and breakfast, renting a car and driving through the rolling hills is a sure way to kick off the romance. Every turn there is a new village that boasts a castle to explore. Whether walking down the halls of Château de Chambord or exploring the gardens of Château de Chenonceau, the Loire Valley holds many opportunities to fall in love. Check out my travel guide here

Biarritz, France

Who doesn’t love the coastline? This great destination next to the border of Spain is a bustling fun city that holds excitement and adventure. It is an upbeat and beautiful city along the French coastline. Adorable restaurants and shops along the port with all of the sailboats is the perfect setting for a romantic weekend away.

Chamonix, France

Head to the snow for the perfect winter romantic getaway. Cuddle up by the fire at night, ski the slopes during the day and wake up to beautiful views of the French alps. Finding romance in this city is a perfect destination during the winter months.

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