In the Haute-Savoie region of France there lies the best little town in the whole world. Annecy, France. It is a definite must go to place in Europe for multiple reasons. It’s charm, small cobblestone streets, great restaurants, and stunning views. I love coming here during the summer to enjoy a day at the lake, a nice hike and of course fondue. If you are coming to Annecy these are the top attractions to not miss:

1. Ride bikes around Lake Annecy
This is the best way to see the lake, head from town and go as far as you think you will be able to return. There are little pull outs which make for a great picnic spot.

2. Palais de L’Isle
This the infamous old prison that lies in the middle of the waterway in town. A stunning photo opportunity during the day and at night.

3. La Tournette
This is the classic hike in the French alps experience. Plan ahead and be sure to check out the bus schedules for easy transportation.

4. Château d’Annecy
At the top of the town there is the beautiful castle which is worth a visit to go back in time. Be sure to wear good walking shoes as the walk up is steep.

5. Boat Ride on Lake Annecy
Be sure to get on the water at some point. The main boat provider will take you around the lake and you can get off at different points and get back on. My favorite place to get off and go for a swim is Talloires.

6. Le Fréti
You are in the region for cheese. Head to this well-known restaurant for the best raclette and fondue in the area. Be sure to get early as it gets very packed.

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