Traveling always brings me such great joy and sometimes a bit of stress. Running from place to place means needing to have a method to the madness. I often found myself scrambling last minute to pack everything I needed for my trip whether it was clothes, technology accessories or just overall travel accessories. I realized after countless times of forgetting the essentials that I needed to have a go-to drawer that has everything for my tech, clothes, and personal accessories. Being prepared, meant for myself having everything in it’s place and being proactive. After many trials and errors, I found the formula for my must have travel accessories.

Here are my 12 must-have travel accessories:

1. Mophie Charger

This is my saving grace. You know that moment your phone dies on the plane, or in some random city you have not a clue where you are? Yes those moments is where your back up phone charger is your bff.

2. Neck Pillow

I often thought I was above the whole neck pillow thing, that I was a seasoned traveler- so who needed it? I was wrong. The neck pillow was a game changer. I wake up a happy person after a 8 hour flight or even a short flight- ask my husband, he will even attest to it. This Lewis N. Clark is the best as it blows up and folds up very flat.

3. Noise Canceling Headphones

Remember that time you were on a bus ride, flight or somewhere loud; and you couldn’t hear your thoughts? Well no more noise means more quietness which also means a possibility for some shut eye. Say no to noise, say yes to sleep. These Bose Quiet Comfort buds reduce the noise without having music on. A must have!

4. Document Holder

Be prepared, be organized. A place for everything and everything in it’s place.

5. Passport Cover

Yes you should protect your passport, plus these ones are adorable.

6. Go Pro Hero 3+

Small, convenient and practical. All you could ask for to capture video or photo for all your travel moments.

7. Electronic Luggage Scale

Did you shop too much? Weigh your bag before you get to the airport and don’t pay those extra luggage fees.

8. Standout Luggage Tags

Spotting your bag made easy and a must when traveling. I love these Travelon ones as the holding mechanism is reliable.

9. Shoe Bags

These are one of those game changer items. I always just stuck my shoes at the bottom of the suitcase then I was enlightened. Shoe bags people, shoe bags.

10. Packing Compression Packs

Pack more, stress less. These work like a gem to save space.

11. Nikon Camera J1

Compact, easy to carry, and high quality photos. I love using this to take photos for my blog and my social media. It is such an easy camera to use!

12. Luxe City Guides

These are a blast to have if you are going to one of the major cities. The guides have top places to go, where to spend the afternoons, and restaurant lists. Plus they are tiny and fit in your bag!

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