Quite honestly, this year went too fast. To say that the time blew by would be a complete understatement. It was a year of risk, it was a year of blessings, and a year I don’t think I could ever forget. There were so many sweet memories like opening a business as a travel consultant with Divine, swimming with sharks, traveling half-way across the world to Australia, and spending ten days in Europe in a carry-on across 3 countries. 2014 was a year of blessings and it would not have been the same without the support of my husband, my family, my friends, and you guys! I truly am thankful for every lesson learned, all the memories made, and for the year to come. I have some exciting news that will be coming out this upcoming year and am excited to share this adventure with you! You guys are the ones who inspire me to share the world of travel and push every day to follow my dreams. Bon Traveler was created out of a place of wanderlust and it has been such a blast to have this space to share with others. So thank you for following along and all of the support!

In remembrance of 2014, these are some of my favorite  travel memories….

First trip down to the Mexican Riviera Maya.. (January)

Swimming with sharks & rays in Bora Bora & realizing my fears of sharks can be overcome! (February)

Staying in the incredible St. Regis Bora Bora, these overwater bungalows were surreal. Divine Destination Weddings & Honeymoons does it best… (February)

Experiencing a natural hot spring in Sun Valley, Idaho (March)

Out to the Caribbean to see the Dominican Republic.. (April)

White water rafting in Oregon and finding out that riding the bull means you get soaked (June)

Weekend drives to Napa Valley because you just can’t get enough of these colors… (June)

Celebrating 3 years in this adorable B&B in Yountville (June)

A 5 a.m wake up call for a surprise birthday gift: hot air ballooning across Napa – thanks love! (August)

Traveling to Melbourne, AUS to meet my sister-in-law with my husband and crushing more coffee then one can imagine (August)

Taking a selfie with a kangaroo... enough said.. (August)

Exploring Fraser Island, AUS, one of the most amazing places I have ever seen. (August)

The most easterly part of Australia, Byron Bay. Falling in love with this corner of the world. (August)

Packing a carry-on for 10 days across Europe in 3 countries with my colleague starting with the historic city of Athens, Greece. (September)

Complete relaxation on the island of Mykonos and taking in ocean views. (September)

Santorini – riding a donkey up the cliffside, terrifying yet thrilling. (October)

Falling in love with Santorini – the people, the views, and the food. (October)

Jumping into the Aegean Sea. (October)

Driving down the Amalfi Coast- sure are glad there was a driver! (October)

Seeing Pompeii in an hour’s time before a flight. (October)

Going through Paris in 6 hours and seeing as much as possible before catching the next flight out. (October)

A day in Apple Hill to see the fall colors, pick out pumpkins, and have a great day with friends. (October)

Going back to my family’s hometown in Poitiers, France to see everyone there and eat cheese – because cheese tastes better when it’s shared with family. (November)

Doing Thanksgiving in Paris with my husband and eating too many eclairs – just kidding, you can never eat too many eclairs.  (November)

Taking the tube to London and seeing this city for the first time! (December)

Sun Valley, Idaho – came to experience the first winter days! (December)

Lastly, spending Christmas in Tahoe with friends and family, one of the best weeks filled with good memories. (December)


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    Has it really been 4 year? I miss you, time for a coffee date!! -April

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