Megalohori, Santorini is a special town that is on the end of the island near the vineyards. Booming with authentic culture, untouched streets, and local food; Megalohori is the destination for those looking for something off the beaten path. In the very heart of the town lies the Luxury Collection Hotel, Vedema. Turning an old winery into a renown hotel is no easy task but the Vedema has capture the very essence of luxury with a historical touch.    

Throughout the resort you will find aspects of the old mixed with the new. The spa is down on the volcanic brick area where leads to the old caves. One of the caves features a restaurant well known for it’s unique dining experience. There are two pool areas, the main which is surrounded by a pool restuarant and another that is more secluded and romantic. The resort is quiet extensive but all flat as it is in the island rather then the cliffside hotels which have steps.

Each of the rooms are decorated carefully with minimalistic colors that compliment well with the surrounding areas. The pops of color with the white walls and floors make the rooms bright and appealing to the eye. Some of the rooms even have a view of the neighboring wineries and beautiful town views.

Vedema Resort is the perfect location for those looking to explore Santorini’s beaches and historical sites as it is on the opposite side of Oia and only a few minutes from seashore.


*Visited hotel, as always all opinions are my own 

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