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Ever wanted to bring a room to life in your home? Envisioning an interior space has so many elements to it — from furniture, lighting, to art, there are multiple decisions that come into play. As it can be overwhelming, it’s great to look to experts for putting together the space you’re dreaming of.

As I’m working from home now more than ever, I wanted to envision and design the ultimate home office for the future. A space that reflected both my style and a place to get work done. My friends Ash and Jess are the founders behind the incredible virtual interior design company, City & Shiplap. Together at City & Shiplap, they offer E-design (or online design) to help bring your vision to life. You can design a room or even an entire home with their services from your house, all done online.

I’m very excited to partner with City & Shiplap to dream up my ultimate home office, using their services to source furniture, art, lighting, and more. After going through their 5-step process, I wanted to share the experience of coming up with my home office, the inspiration, and why you’ll want to use City & Shiplap for your designing a room in your home.

Here’s a look at the home office they helped me put together and their virtual design process. Plus, at the end of this post, I’m offering a special code for a discount off your first service!

Virtually Designing The Ultimate Home Office with City and Shiplap

About City & Shiplap

City & Shiplap started out of a love for design. Ash and Jess are cousins, and working together they dreamt of this company that helps others bring their vision to life.

As someone who picked out all of my furniture without ever seeing it in person, I can say that having an expert in spatial design is crucial. So their ability to source and select the right furniture is key to making the room feel “right” just by seeing it via photos.

What I connected with most with City & Shiplap is that it’s an approachable price point to design a room and the process is fast. Often times hiring an interior designer can cost thousands of dollars and the process takes several weeks. Both Ash and Jess brought my home office vision to life in about a week. After a few tweaks, the room was ready to go.

Packages Offered

For the price points, City & Shiplap offer virtual design packages starting at designing one room for $399, all the way up to several rooms. One of my favorite packages they have is “The Sides” where for $149 they’ll help sort out two design elements like paint, lighting, accent furniture.

Find all of their packages here.

The Process of Designing My Home Office With City & Shiplap

Step 1 and Step 2: Selecting Service + Show Your Stuff

The 5-step process with City & Shiplap made it really easy to get to the final vision of the room.

Step 1 and step 2 of designing the office was sending over my inspiration, the room, and parameters. I decided to start with a blank slate so really focused on every element of design. The concept of using lots of natural materials and neutral tones was the base of the room. I love the larger desk set with a living room feel so the office could also have a reading area. The other idea was to incorporate some of my own travel prints as well.

I sent over some inspirational images and even sent my Pinterest home office board that I had been working on because I just always love dreaming up a new space. This was my inspiration:

Step 3 and Step 4: See Your Space + Shop Your Style

After sending over inspiration and key elements, City & Shiplap came back with 2d interactive design boards. This part was so impressive to see what they came back with. These three designs were sent over:

Virtually Designing The Ultimate Home Office with City and Shiplap
Virtually Designing The Ultimate Home Office with City and Shiplap
Virtually Designing The Ultimate Home Office with City and Shiplap

After looking through each of the designs, I was able to leave comments and pull from each of the designs to put together the final envisioned space. You can make as many edits as you want until it’s exactly what you envisioned. Under each of the 2d design boards, there are all of the products which you can shop directly from there and leave feedback for:

Virtually Designing The Ultimate Home Office with City and Shiplap

The Final Space

After going back and forth over a few of the elements and pulling from each of the designs, this is the final vision for my home office! I love all of the elements together and it’s exactly what I envisioned.

Virtually Designing The Ultimate Home Office with City and Shiplap

Each of the products were linked in my 2d design board, so when I’m ready to shop I can. Plus, this is how the price point is kept so low for designing your room — City & Shiplap may make a small portion of the furniture sale at no extra cost to you. And once your room is complete, send over a photo for $50 off your next room you want designed.


Working with City & Shiplap to come up with this space was such a fun process. Designing a room in a home can often be overwhelming and that extra help to bring it to life is so appreciated. Check out City & Shiplap here, and use my code “bontraveler20 ” for 20% off your first service!

Thank you to City & Shiplap for sponsoring this post!

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Virtually Designing The Ultimate Home Office with City and Shiplap

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