Simply put, 2014 was a year of craziness.

After reflecting back on 2014, I’ve decided to start 2015 on a new foot. A different approach. My husband and I attended a creative retreat for entrepreneurs in Laguna with Rob Bell the second week of January. Diving into what it means to be a creative, setting realistic goals, and removing negativity from our lives, we decided 2015 would be a year of action, empowerment, and balance. 

Laguna Beach, California, as you probably know, is the destination from the hit television series “The Hills.” There is something about this small beach town that is laid-back, cool, and modest. Everyone wakes up, no one is in a rush, and the topic-of-mind is around the tides for a good surf session. It was the perfect place for the three days of diving deep and breaking loose from the day to day. During the 3 days, we went surfing for the first time, which was a thrilling experience for the both of us. Being in the ocean is one of my biggest fears (especially the Pacific), so getting into the water, far enough to catch the surf, pushed me to the limits. Figuratively speaking, it made me realize I spend most of my time in shallow waters, never taking the risk to overcome my fears by pushing out past my comfort zone. Surfing, riding in the waves, made me realize that action and empowerment is the key to success. Though it was just another surf lesson, it was a step in the direction for a life of action and empowerment. (P.S I was the first to get on the board and got up on the first try – it was magical.) 

Spending time down there, I wanted to re-evaluate all aspects of my life. Most of the efforts went to digging into the the day-to-day parts of life (the devil is in the details). One of the topics, of course, was health/food – the topic I avoid the most due to a love affair with French food. Realizing that most of my time is spent on the road, opened my eyes to the need of a cleanse to help reset the system. After I got back from the retreat, I headed straight to Project Juice for a 3 day cleanse. I love their cleanses as the juices are fresh, made of high-quality ingredients, and taste good. Day 1 was a cake walk as you are pumped up on doing a cleanse, day 2 was miserably difficult, and day 3 seemed to be a breeze. The cleanse gave me an opportunity to re-start my system and have fresh eyes for how to have balance on a tangible, daily level. 

So what does a juice cleanse, a creative retreat, and 2015 have in common? A lot. It means this will be a year of focused risk. Building on old traditions, creating new rituals, living a life of rhythm and balance, and having an open-mind. 

What does this mean for Bon Traveler?
To start the year, I want to share more of my personal journey, so I’ve decided to start the page “My Journey.” This is where you will hear more of my experience at an emotional level and get an inside view of some of my thoughts around the topic of travel. Sharing my personal experience is something I don’t do often, so I want to push myself in this area.

What does this mean for travel?
Authentic, adventure. Diving into trips that are off the beaten path, pushing comfort zones, doing things that have risk — moving from shallow waters to deep waters.

What does this mean on a daily basis?
Rhythm and balance. Having a focus on important core components of health, time management, and work.

Thank you for coming along on my journey, I am so excited for 2015, for the projects I will be sharing with you, and all that is to come.  

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