The blog, or the business of blogging as I’ve found it truly is, has been nothing short of an adventure. If you read the post called “10 Hats a Travel Blogger Wears” then you’ll know all the different roles that make up running the blog. There’s a lot that is left unsaid when it comes to travel blogging.

Four years ago, I would have never pictured what today looks like. The words “travel blogger” couldn’t have been more foreign. Now, almost three years into this, travel blogging has been a huge learning curve and each day I wake up excited to learn more.

So now, those things that no one says about the business of travel blogging…

If you don’t work, it doesn’t work. 
There’s literal meaning to this. If you don’t work, the blog cannot exist. As a one person show, waking up to tackle the tasks at hand solely depends on the blogger. This lesson I learned the tough way early into the season of travel blogging. I didn’t prepare before an extended trip and it meant scrambling while on travels to get work out.

Community is beautiful.
I am constantly blown away by the community. The support, the kind words (yes, I read all of your comments!), and encouragement is everything. Be prepared to dive into a community who gives back.

You have to be comfortable being alone. 
Many times due to scheduling or logistics, solo travel happens. It’s become something I’ve really enjoyed about travel blogging — showing up to a new country all by myself, exploring, learning, and being completely immersed.

The internet can be savage. 
This has been a more recent discovery. Thick skin is required, and dedication to what you’re passionate about, no matter what anyone else says.

It requires vulnerability.
What makes travel blogging unique is the story told by you. Sharing openly is always scary, and the art of being vulnerable is constantly being refined.

Be ready for a lot of no’s.
For a every yes I have received, there’s been quite a few no’s in return. Swallowing the multiple no’s has definitely been challenging, but the perseverance is what prevails in the end. Don’t be afraid to keep on keeping on.

It’s a business.
Sales, marketing, accounting, and everything else between is what makes blogging successful. And yes you do have to file taxes! (I dedicate a day each month to inputting receipts)

Travel means sacrifice.
Choosing to take a campaign, means I have to sacrifice being home with my husband, friends, and family. Life on the road comes with many gives and takes, the first being time. It is something to take into consideration, and I would not be able to travel without my husband supporting my passions.


  1. This is a great post! I started taking my blogging seriously about a year ago and it’s a lot of work but I’m learning something new everyday. I’m getting better at accepting the no’s and moving on (it’s hard at times though lol)-

    • Jessica Wright Reply

      Keep up the hard work, definitely always a challenge but good things come from the work!

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