Ideally if you’re bouncing around Southeast Asia, you’ll want to keep everything to a minimum. I did the entire three week trip through Vietnam and Thailand in just a carry-on, and it was completely doable. For a three week trip, we had to wash our clothes just once which was $40 at our hotel for the two of us, and we washed a few items like undergarments by hand. This was completely worth it, given that we had a total of 7 internal flights, where luggage would be $20 a bag to check.

Hot weather, humid conditions, and a variety of destinations meant packing extremely smart. I packed, re-packed, and re-packed again and again. I made sure I had exactly what I needed for the trip, yet still felt like I could feel fashionable for the trip.

Here’s what to pack for a Southeast Asia trip:

The Essentials

For your feet

Don’t forget

Notes: All of this can fit if the material is light and not thick — wear your biggest items while traveling, and roll the rest to fit into a carry-on.


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