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Over the past few weeks, I’ve received a few emails about Viking River Cruises. The most predominant one: What to pack?

With expectations of being an upscale experience, and the need to be dressed up, I’m happy to report that’s not entirely the case (most of the time!). Sailing with Viking River Cruises means you’ll have plenty of time exploring cobblestone streets, or winding through castles so most of the day is outside in casual wear.

Evenings are spent (typically) at the restaurant onboard which is white linen and multiple courses. For dinners, the dress is scattered from women in blouses and jeans to those who want to be a bit more dressed up. I found myself in a blend of semi-casual dresses and black jeans with a nicer top for dinners. During the day, I was as casual and comfortable as one could be.

Here’s What to Pack for a Viking River Cruise


1 blue jean, 1 black jean, loose casual-to-formal pants, one skirt, and denim shorts.


2-3 casual t-shirts, 2-3 tank tops for the day, a few blouses like this, this one, and this, and a silk tank top.


1 evening dress, 1 loose-style dress, and a flowy dress. If you think you can fit more, I always pack a few extra dresses, as they’re great to travel in and can be worn at night. I love this one, this floral print, and this off-the-shoulder one.


I always travel with a pair of white sneakers like these, one heeled bootie (I swear by these), a pair of flats, one heel, and one sandal.


At night, I wore a loose sweater over blouses, and if out a black denim jacket. I always throw a green cargo jacket in that packs well.


One hat, a day backpack, and one clutch.

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  1. Have you seen a Viking River Cruise? I’ve been on several & they’re great, but the average age of the cruise goer is about 63. While you may have the right number of clothing suggestions, few of the items shown would ever be seen on a Viking Cruise!

    • Jessica Wright Reply

      I’ve been on 5 cruises with Viking. This suggestion post is geared towards younger travelers who may opt to take this cruise, often times because of their family members choosing to go on a group trip.

    • Pamela Madigan Reply

      I agree. The average age on our cruises has been 65 and most people dressed casually and comfortably.

    • IDK but I’m 61 and I’d wear everything shown it is pretty typical of what you would find in my wardrobe. I can’t imagine in a couple of years I’m clothing style is going to change that much.

  2. Brenna Mills Reply

    I’m scheduled for a Rhine Getaway the end of March through April 3, 2023. I’m wondering what to pack for that time of year.

  3. Debra Shannon Reply

    Thank God! We are 68 and these outfits are nothing like the elegant contemporary outfits we packed! We are leaving on Tuesday and I’m sure we will be fashionistas!

    • Debra, We’re in our sixties and will have our third Viking cruise this fall. I’d love to hear about your wardrobe plans. We gave been very comfortable on our trips but I always opted for simple black pants as a foundation for most outfits. Our greatest compliment was to be mistaken for locals several times… The Europeans do dress up a bit more than Americans for everyday. Have a great time; you’ll be fabulous!

  4. Pamela Madigan Reply

    While your packing suggestions are not for the age of the average traveler on a Viking Cruise (which is about 65). Also, if you haven’t been on a Viking River cruise, most passengers opt for comfort and minimal capsule wardrobes.

  5. Linda Takita Reply

    Any suggestions for Fall clothing would be great!
    Merci beaucoup!

  6. Marie M. Dunnam Reply

    Wondering what to pack for a Viking River Cruise from Amsterdam, through Germany, Astria, to Budapest and back from April 9, -24, 2023.

    • I was probably a bit younger than most on our Viking cruise (58) but I prefer to be comfortable and casual. I wore dressy leggings and cute heels with a blouse or silk shell for dinner. During the day, for sight seeing, it was always shorts and a cotton top with sneakers. Most people were super casual, which made it so nice and relaxed.

  7. My husband and I are taking a 17 Day Viking cruise in Dec/Jan from Ft. Lauderdale thru the Panama Canal around to LA with stops in between. We are wondering what type of clothes to bring,

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