The winter season is quite upon us. The snow is falling, it’s chilly, and it’s time to bundle up. When I plan what I am packing up for a winter trip, I like to keep it easy and the suitcases light. The truth of the matter is almost everything you wear underneath will be covered by boots or a long jacket. I find it more useful to focus on the outer layers which will keep you warm and is what will be seen. When I went to Jackson Hole this past week, to dogsled, the good coat and boots really came in handy.

There’s the core essentials, plus the must haves for a winter trip.

Here’s what I pack for a week-long winter trip:

The Essentials

The Outerwear

  • 1 Ski Jacket & Pant (a more pricier jacket like this may last long if you ski a lot, but for the semi-frequent rider this one is great. Pants are a must investment, I’d suggest these.)
  • 1 Ski Gloves and 1 pair of Mittens (these and these)
  • 1 Winter boot, like Sorrels that are waterproof
  • 1 Knee-high boots (Adore these heeled ones)
  • 1 Athletic shoe, like these Nikes which can be worn with normal clothes
  • 1 Peacoat (black one like this is versatile)
  • 1 Warm Poncho (a great stylish layer, this one is under $20)
  • 1 Puff Vest (love wearing it over a sweater)
  • 3 Beanies (like this one or this)
  • 2 Scarves (a chunky one is a must, plus an evening one

Don’t Forget

Travel well, travel often..

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    Too much stuff!! I’m not sure where you are from, but having lived in MN and WI my entire life, this much crap is not necessary for a chilly skiing weekend. In fact this is a carry on, a massive suitcase and purse worth of stuff, at least. I think having 2 coats, 3(!) hats, 5 pairs of pants is just too much. Over packing always ruins a trip. Just for reference, this is how much stuff you are planning on bringing (this isn’t even including a purse, underwear, etc.): is what I’d bring for 7 days in the snow: a blogger that claims to be well traveled I’d hope you’d post a bit lighter packing tips.

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