It happens every time. I seem to fit my checked bag (this 25 inch one) to a brim each trip. My husband and I laugh because I almost always hit around 38-40 lbs in weight whenever going to Europe. There’s something about traveling through Europe that brings to life outfits, whether it’s a flowing skirt on the Amalfi Coastline, or perhaps a more trendy outfit like boots with a leather jacket in Barcelona.

 Europe is one of the places I love to bring multiple options not only for a day of comfortable walking through a city, but also outfits for a date night or even a day at the beach. I’ve found most trips through Europe to have a variety of destinations, whether it’s the city or countryside, and often to the beaches. Suitcases are quite manageable, with Uber on the rise, and many direct train lines and room for a checked bag. (p.s. most international flights allow for one free checked bag, so no charge to pack for the long haul, be sure to check your airline for more details).

This past month I spent two weeks traveling through Barcelona, to Girona, and then through Madrid and on to Lisbon. Traveling with this suitcase, I was able to pack outfits for multiple destinations, and have room for a few purchases. The spring temperatures meant I could pack thinner materials with minimal bulky items, focusing most of the outfits on comfortable and flowy pieces.

Here’s what to pack for spring in Europe:

The Essential’s

The Outerwear

The Shoes

The Accessories

Don’t Forget…

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