One of the greatest cities in Europe, Amsterdam is a charming gem. Endless canals decorated with flowers, floating house boats, and loads of bicycles makes for a picture-perfect postcard on almost every corner. I found the time in Amsterdam energetic yet calm. You could retreat to a cafe or be amidst the fun at a local bar. There are plenty of museums for the art-traveler, or history-filled rooms like Anne Frank’s house.

Where and What: Amsterdam City Guide

Good to Know

  •  The city is rather busy, always be sure to look before stepping as bicycles are everywhere and trams have the right of way.
  • The cheapest way to get from the airport to city center is by train, and it’s conveniently located under the airport. A taxi will run from 35-40+ euros into town.
  • English is widely spoken, so no need to worry about communicating in Dutch!
  • For tipping, just round up. I.e: if your bill is $38, leave a $40.
  • It is generally a very safe city, so feel free to explore away in the city center.

Where to Stay in Amsterdam

  •  Conservatorium Hotel: A luxurious hotel centered in the heart of the museum quarter, this stylish stay is one for the books. With an indoor pool and sauna, it’s the ultimate city retreat in a beautifully designed space.
  • The Hoxton: A modern with mid-century flare hotel in the heart of the Amsterdam. The downstairs restaurant Lotti, is partnered with Soho House & Co and delivers the same service that is expected at Soho. Each of the 111 rooms are beautifully and cleverly appointed.
  •  The Pullitzer: A blend of historic and elegant Amsterdam, this hotel is both luxurious and comfortable. With courtyards and a neighborhood location, it’s the perfect introduction to the city.

Where to Eat and Drink in Amsterdam

  • Bar Spek: Also known as Bacon Bar, this a great spot to grab a snack and drink.
  •  Jansz: The classics done in an approachable way inside an elegant cafe.
  •  Venkel: Local products and healthy salads in a fun space.
  •  Morgan & Mees: Inside a hotel, the restaurant is a modern takeon Mediterranean fare.
  •  Louis: A cozy cafe.
  •  Bocca Coffee: One of the best coffee shops in the city, this beautiful space is the place to grab a cappuccino or tea.
  •  The Breakfast Club: Breakfast, dinner, and drinks spot that has a fresh space and modern menu.
  •  George: A yummy cafe for either a quick bite in the bar or a proper sit down lunch.
  •  La Olivia Pintxos & Vinos: Tapas done incredible well.
  •  Cottoncake: A yummy (and rather healthy) breakfast and lunch spot with dishes like granola and waffles.

What to Do/See in Amsterdam

  • Van Gogh Museum: The largest collection of Van Gogh’s pieces, this museum should be at the top of the list.
  •  Rijksmuseum Museum: Take a look at Dutch history at the national museum of the Netherlands.
  •  Stedelijk Museum: For all things modern, this museum boasts a wide variety of international artists.
  •  Canals: Spend your afternoon wandering the endless canals that get more picturesque with every turn.
  •  Boerenmarkt: A local’s farmers market for all things fresh and ready.
  •  Foodhallen: A hall with around two dozen food stalls featuring Amsterdam’ favorites.
  • Anne Frank House: Dive deep into Jewish history, and tour the house of the diarist Anne Frank.
  •  Cruise: Take a covered boat canal tour through the city.

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