As this year has passed by, and I am starting to plan for 2016, deciding where to go next is an extensive process within itself. A big part of being a travel blogger, is choosing places that readers will love and be able to connect with. In addition, and importantly, going to a place that I am passionate about myself and gets me excited to get on the plane. When I decide what to write about on the blog, here are a few things I look at:

+ Does it warm your heart, can you connect?
+ Is it cultural? Can I go on an adventure there? (two types of travel I love)
+ Is it unique, and will a guide or story be relevant to readers? 

All of these components are critical, because at the end of the day writing this blog has been focused on giving readers an opportunity to be inspired to travel. From the inspiration, with resources and stories  (I hope) can come an informed decision on where you choose to travel next. 

As I look forward, I tend to take a look at a few sources to decide where I’d like to go next. Typically half inspiration and half travel trends, I love to choose somewhere in between. Here’s where I keep my eyes peeled:

+ Instagram & Pinterest: My phone is primarily filled with screenshots of other people’s travel that have caught my eye. I love seeing a destination through other people’s eyes first to see what is on offer. Pinterest is a perfect way to discover new places as well, as there is plenty of picturesque photos.

+ Other bloggers: I follow handful of selected bloggers who are in the travel space. I have my eyes peeled on people like Lucy Laucht for dreamy-scapes, or Olivia from Lust for Life for her off the beaten path finds, and El Camino Travel for an authentic cultural travel. 

+ Travel trends: I take a look at different publications like Wherever Magazine, Afar, and Condé Nast Traveler to see what is trending in travel. Whether it’s a hotel, a new tour company, or a an off-the-beaten path destination, I love to see what is new and exciting. 

How do you decide where you want to travel next? Drop a comment below, I’d love to hear!

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