My husband spoke highly of this place, often reminiscing back to his first trip to Yellowstone in middle school and how it was his favorite place in the world. He said I had to see it and live it to understand. 

I finally do. 

I thought instead of trying to put words to this place that is enchanting, true American land, and rich with organic nature, that I would just share 20 photos. From the landscape, to the wildlife, and the abundance of geo-thermal activity, Yellowstone National Park is a place that should be at the top of your bucket list, and your next summer trip.

See why in 20 photos:

Grand Prismatic Spring colorful in all it’s glory

Wild buffalo roaming the planes of Hayden Valley

Common sight of steam from the thermal geysers

Mama bear with two cubs

Mornings in Yellowstone

Looking down the Grand Canyon National Park


As far as the eye can see…

Inviting pools yet extremely dangerous in temperature

Old Faithful spouting off

Cleopatra Terrace at Mammoth Hot Springs

Sunset in the park

Steamy Mammoth Hot Springs

Grand Prismatic Springs from above

The Lamar Valley early in the morning

Grand Canyon Lower Falls

Quiet moments

Thermal springs

Whitecap mountains in the distance

Thank you Yellowstone National Park for blowing my mind, etching your memory in my heart, and striking my wanderlust in the purest of forms. 

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