Photo by Diego Imai (Dead Sea, Jordan)

Purchasing a plane ticket, arriving in a foreign destination, and being swept from your feet in a country’s culture — you know the feeling I am talking about right?

Why you should travel in your 20s…

Be amazed by natural landscapes

Open your perspective to another way of living

Realize what a big world it is — so much to discover

Realize what a small world it is — we are all tied together

Get lost and try to figure out a map (especially when your iPhone doesn’t work)

Fall in love with a new food

Meet people, learn their story, and grow

Put life in perspective

Share your experience with someone else

Have one hell of a story to tell

Change your life forever

Learn who you are

Become an addict of the so-called “travel bug”


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    There are so many places I would love to travel,I just lack resources…But someday I will(In Sha Allah)!

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