As the leaves are starting to turn, my excitement for this winter is almost uncontainable.

Don’t get me wrong, fall is beautiful, summer was fun, but winter is where I feel most at home. The winter chill, cold windows, and a warm hot chocolate is my favorite part of waking up somewhere blanketed in snow. The afternoons are spent outdoors, mostly on the slopes and you certainly can’t forget a good apres-ski. When I imagine where I’d like to go, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is my ultimate winter destination. Having gone last year, it’s quickly risen to the top of my list for this season. 

With direct flights offered from San Francisco, the extensive list of outdoor adventures in the snow is at my fingertips. I remember when we landed in the small airport of Jackson Hole, right in the heart of a national park (the only one!). The Tetons in the distance were capped with snow, the plains looked like someone had taken a knife of frosting, and spread it over the fields — it was beautiful. Driving into town, we passed by groups of buffalo bunkered down, with steam billowing from their snouts. It felt like a winter dream.

There are many reasons to go to Jackson Hole this winter, one in particular that was a dream of mine. Dog sledding. Have you been on a dogsled? The rush of being in the countryside, riding smoothly on a sled through a magical, snowy scene is unlike anything else. I always thought dogsledding was something that happened in Alaska, like from the movie Balto. But no, Jackson Hole has one of the most beautiful places in the country to dogsled. It’s a memory you’ll never forget. 

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is the kind of place that wins you over in an instant. Whether you find yourself on the slopes, on a dogsled, or exploring the quaint town, there is truly something for everyone. 


Good to know: All of your adventures need to be booked in advance, my best tip would be to utilize Jackson Hole Central Reservations to have them arrange your activities, hotel, and flight. With multiple bundle packages and discount deals on airfare, there are plenty of savings available to you.

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