Last month, I asked on social for you to share any of your photography questions. After compiling the top ones asked, here’s a look at the answers!

Your Photography Questions Answered.

Question: “How do you edit your photos all with the same “feel” ?”

The biggest key to getting photos edited the same way is batch editing with set presets. I use my Lightroom presets from the SFO and Barcelona collection which help maintain similar tones. I tend to always edit my photos with little to no highlights, a set temperature range, and de-saturated. It’s inevitable that some imagery will be different so embrace that some may not fit “the grid” in terms of color and feel. 

Question: “Any tips for someone who has never photographed interiors?”

My biggest tip would be to start on a good lens like a 24-70mm and move from corner to corner in the room. I find myself inching through until I find an angle that gives a good depth of field — it takes some time. The biggest challenge is often in lighting so the time of day is important. Alternatively, a tripod helps with a slower shutter speed to capture more light.  

Question: “Resources for learning how to focus on Sony A7?”

This was the toughest thing for me to figure out when I purchased my first Sony A7. We started shooting in manual with autofocus and changed two settings. The first is to set the focus mode to AF-C which stands for autofocus continuous, allowing for continuous focusing. The second setting in partnership with AF-C is to change the focus area to Flexible-spot which allows you to manually choose where in the frame you’ll focus. It will help greatly in assuring the part of the photo you want focused on is. 

Question: “Which camera is best to start on?”

I always recommend getting a camera that you can grow into. Somewhere between a hybrid or a base DSLR is a great start. Take a look at this post for some ideas!

Question: “How do you handle asking your spouse to take photos of you?”

Ask kindly. Travis is easy going and has come to enjoy the shoots as it’s a chance to be creative together. Something I am really conscious about is when we are traveling for fun and not work, is to understand the right time to take photos. I don’t want to interrupt our day and try to set expectations of the imagery I have in mind. 

Question: “How do you pose?”

Practice makes perfect on this. I find that I am always playing around with poses and will move around a lot. I actually don’t love to be in my photos and it’s something I’ve had to embrace over time!

Question: “How do you get photos of yourself?”

Head to this blog post for the full guide to capturing photos when you’re traveling solo.

Question: Why do you prefer Sony over Canon/Nikon?”

Mirrorless systems and incredible glass — also the weight and size of the camera is a huge factor. I love the tech behind Sony’s internal system and the greenish highlights that their sensor picks up. 

Question: “Can you walk through your camera settings?”

This is a tough one to go through as it’s always changing with my current surroundings. I shoot on continuous to ensure I grab the frame I want. My goal is to always keep my ISO under 400. I max out image sizes and tend to shoot in JPEG primarily. 

Question: “Do you have a favorite polarizer brand?”

Yup, love my Tiffen line!

Thank you, everyone, for sending in your questions! Head here for more photography tips on the blog. 

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