Over the years, I’ve used Excel spreadsheets to help organize all trip details. Saving them offline as a PDF has also meant that I can easily keep track of my itinerary and confirmation numbers while on the go. It was important to me that I could access all the necessary information while on the road.

The Ultimate Free Travel Itinerary Template

So I’m sharing with you a free travel itinerary template that makes travel planning easy. This travel itinerary template is for keeping track of the major details. One of the more frequently requested questions was how to plan and keep a trip organized, so this here has been the way I visually do so. Being organized for me has changed the travel experience. Plus, having all of the travel itinerary details with me at all times means less stress.

This travel itinerary template is designed to keep track of the most important parts of an itinerary. It’s not a home for every cafe or sight you want to see. The itinerary is designed to keep track of key components of an itinerary like flights, hotels, transfers, and a daily schedule. 

Below, you’ll find the download for the free travel itinerary template that includes an example itinerary, and some tips for how to use it! 

The Ultimate Free Travel Itinerary Template

What’s In the Template

  • Instructions on how to use the itinerary template.
  • The itinerary template for you to use.
  • A sample itinerary template so you can see what a finished itinerary looks like. 

A Guide to Using the Travel Itinerary Template

Thank you for downloading my travel itinerary template! I hope it helps you plan out your trips and keep things organized (plus stress-free).  There are a few key tips to using the itinerary template that will help when using it and while on a trip. 

Why A Travel Itinerary 

The whole reason for having this itinerary is so you can keep your travel plans readily available while on the go. It is also very helpful while planning your trip in order to see what days are there and any holes in the booking sections. Ultimately, this template helps keep an itinerary plan. Important confirmation numbers and transfers are key to a smooth trip. I find that visually, a day by day list keeps it the most simple.

Uses for the Travel Itinerary Template

  • Road Trip Itinerary
  • Vacation Itinerary
  • Business Trip
  • Bachelorette or bachelor’s party

How to Use the Travel Itinerary Template

The Itinerary Planner tab is designed for you to write over my prompts. Where you see the words “insert” is the location for each data field. You can find my Example Itinerary on the final tab to give you an idea of what a finalized itinerary will look like.

Always start with your flight details. Once you know your full dates, add in your departing and return flight information, including confirmation numbers.

Next, figure out your general itinerary and label the number of nights in each destination. List out your days and dates into the sheet so you know how much time to plan for. This will create blocks for each destination to help you stay organized. In each block create placeholders for important details like transportation, accommodations, and necessary reservations that you need to book. If you still need to book certain parts of a destination, you can fill a block with bright red or yellow to remind yourself to come back to it later. Once you make a reservation, add it to the appropriate block with the most important details like reservation name, time, and confirmation number.

Reminder: This template works best when it includes only the most vital planning details. Your goal is to keep it condensed and easily readable.

How to Keep the Travel Itinerary With You

It is printable! One option is to print this sheet or to save it offline as PDF. 

Saving the Travel Itinerary Offline

1. Save it as a PDF.

Go to “File” and select “Save As”
Select “File Format” and select “PDF”
Save to Desktop

2. Send it to your own email as an attachment. Once received, open the PDF on your phone and take screenshots. Save the screenshots as photos so you can access the itinerary without the internet.

3. Another option is to store the itinerary on Dropbox as an offline file (must have the Dropbox app on your phone). Once it is loaded on the Dropbox app, select the option to store it offline. You can then access it without data or the internet.

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The Ultimate Free Travel Itinerary Template
The Ultimate Free Travel Itinerary Template

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