Long-haul flights are never the easiest to endure, but these 10 items to bring seem to make it a little better. Taking multiple long flights a year, I’ve found that my go-to list of in-flight essentials hasn’t changed much. There are the items I always bring with, making sure they’re with me for the flight.

Flying economy the majority of the year, my list of 10 items I never travel without help make the trip a bit smoother. On a long-haul flight, my goal is ultimately to be able to get rest and relax. Travel anxiety often kicks in when I’m exhausted. So my goal is to keep myself healthy both physically and emotionally when flying.

Ready to travel? Here’s a look at 10 items to bring for a long-haul flight.

1. Self-Cleaning Water Bottle by Larq.

Staying hydrated is my first priority when traveling. Having your own refillable water bottle with you helps cut down on waste and keeps water at your fingertips. Larq’s water bottle is quite neat in the fact that it purifies the water with the touch of a button.

2. Travel Blanket + Eye Mask

Getting comfortable on the plane for me is always the hardest. Having a soft blanket and eye mask to shut out light is my way of getting cozy. This set that has its own case by Parachute Home is one of my favorites.

3. Noise-canceling Headphones

For when you’re not sleeping, these headphones work magic. The price point is high but in exchange the sound quality is amazing. I find I often fall asleep in these by Bose. When I don’t want to listen to music, I’ll pop in some earplugs as well.

4. Kindle

Watching a movie or reading a book are the two ways I pass time on the flight. I never work — I find it to be the only time I can be offline. Reading from a Kindle is my favorite as I can have all my books with me.

5. Seak Pak Organizer

One of my favorite purchases from Amazon was this Flight 001 organizer. Often times I throw my main bag up in the overhead and just grab this and my other essentials. I keep my chapsticks, kleenex, and every other small item in here. Both Travis and I have one of these when we take a long flight.

6. Essential Oil Cleaning Wipes

Avoiding the bacteria on the plane is a priority for me. I’ve been traveling with these essential oil Herban wipes for years. When I get on a plane, I’ll quickly wipe down any part of my seat area that I may touch to disinfect.

7. Travel Pillow

I go back and forth on whether or not to pack my travel pillow on flights. I love this inflatable one as it doesn’t take too much space, however, it’s not as comfortable as the thick ones. This one is definitely a personal preference!

8. Ginger Flight Therapy Oil by Aesop

I found this a long time ago at a shop in San Francisco and it was life-changing for flying. I find I’ll have moments where I need to reset emotionally and this essential oil stick from Aesop calms me immediately. I’ll use it on my wrists and temple as I need it.

9. Closed-toe and comfortable shoes

Let’s keep it hygienic and keep our feet covered. You’ll never find me on a plane in sandals for this reason. I rotate between a few shoes for travel. I love a good pair of Nike trainers, these eco-friendly slip-on sneakers from Rothy’s, and a good pair of Allbirds.

10. Snacks.

I avoid airplane food at all costs. I specifically arrive early at the airport early to get a meal in before my flight. On the plane, I’ll pack a few snacks in these reusable bags by Stasher with some of my favorite munchies.

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