1. Friendliness of the Balinese
If there is one thing that sticks out most about Bali, it has to be the friendliness. The welcome of the locals surpassed my expectations, and I felt at home with whoever we were with.

2. Incredibly healthy food
With a big focus on health, it seems like every corner plays host to an acai bowl or fresh juicery shop, vegan cafes, and organic food.

3. Beautiful design in hotels and cafes
The design is stunning — whether it’s the hotels or the restaurants. They have a sense for space and how it blends into the surroundings.

4. Natural wonders
Whether it’s the jaw-dropping cliffs of Uluwatu or the rice terraces of Ubud, the amount of natural wonders is incredible.

5. The peacefulness
It’s truly peaceful. The Balinese have an appreciation for being at peace.

6. Culturally rich
Temples and historic sites are everywhere in Bali, and their significance has been preserved and remain central to Balinese daily life.

7. Lush nature
The greenery, oh my! Every turn seems to be more lush than the next.

8. Great prices
It’s incredibly cheap. You could eat for less then $10 a meal and that still is pretty high. We had pizza for $3 and ate classic dishes at warungs for around $5.

9. Approachable luxury
You can stay in high-end hotels for about 1/2 the price of other destinations like Australia, Hawaii, or Mexico.

10. Monkeys! 
This was one of my personal highlights, being a fan of monkeys. Though a bit aggressive, it is truly incredibly to see them up close and personal!

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