If you’re like me, your phone is never to far from reach. These apps every traveler needs on their phone are the ones you’ll want to download before your journey. I’m a huge believer in being organized before the trip and not waiting upon arrival to get everything in order. With access like none other before, it’s amazing how much technology can aid travel today.

12 Apps Every Traveler Needs on Their Phone

These apps every traveler needs on their phone are designed to speed up process, give access to data like maps, and connect. Take a peak at these travel apps.

12 Apps Every Traveler Needs on Their Phone

1. Google Maps

I know this may be a given but do you know the full potential of Google Maps? This is the key to my travel planning. I use it in two crucial ways. I “star” everything I want to see, eat, and do. When I arrive on location, I can easily see where everything is in proximity to me and have the data. The other key function is I always download offline maps. In case I have no internet when I arrive, Google allows you save all of the data of a map and stores it offline!

2. Google Drive / Dropbox

Depending which you use to store documents/files, I always keep these on my phone. I use Dropbox to store my itineraries and important docs in a secure folder — you can also save them offline.


If I am limited on time at an airport, I always check FLIO to see what is available in my terminal for food/shopping. It’s a great way to know ahead of time and see your options.

4. Whatsapp

If you’re looking for free texting that only uses data/WiFi, look no further. I use Whatsapp almost exclusively when I am abroad to avoid those charges.

5. Uber

I often land in country and don’t have local currency, so this is huge for transportation on arrival. Not every country may have it, but those that do, it’s incredibly convenient to get a ride.

6. Kayak

If I’m looking for flight research or hotel pricing, I always check Kayak first since it aggregates most data from airlines/hotels. I find the layout easy to understand and it’s a great way to hedge pricing.

7. Priority Pass

If you have a Priority Pass lounge account, I keep this on my phone to check what lounges I have access to. It’s been a game changer, like that one time I had a 6 hour layover in Delhi.

8. Airbnb

Since I use Airbnb often, I always keep the app on my phone. It stores important information for checking in, allows you to communicate with hosts more easily, and gives you information on your upcoming destination.

9. Yelp

Since they make you download it to read more than a few reviews, I keep this on my phone to have a quick look at what other travelers have said about restaurants and attractions.

10. XE Currency

Best app for real time data on currency exchange.

11. Hotel Tonight

It’s probably my worst nightmare to book a hotel the night of, but Hotel Tonight will guide the way. It gives you access to discounted rooms available that week and saves a ton of money for the last minute booking.

12. LoungeBuddy

If you want to see what lounges are available in the airport, this app holds it all. It will tell you which lounges give access by credit card and even lets you book discounted day passes.


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12 Apps Every Traveler Needs on Their Phone

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