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While we make our goals and visions for 2018, I can’t help but start to consider where to visit. So I wanted to inspire you with 18 countries to visit in 2018 as you begin planning any adventures. 18 Countries To Visit in 2018

One lesson I learned in 2017, was that countries are not places to cross off our lists, but rather experiences to inspire us to return. It’s easy to be caught up in checking off a list, but I recommend (highly) to consider revisiting a country you’ve been to. Immerse yourself, get to know the neighborhood, invest in the local shops and cafes and get familiar. I couldn’t recommend it more. If you’re looking for an inspiration — perhaps you’re interested in design or architecture, choose a country that will inspire you for the upcoming year. Whatever is you do and where you go, traveling will create memories in an incredible way.

So here it is, 18 countries to visit in 2018.

#1 Japan
Japan is number one and for good reason. It checks all the boxes when it comes to design, incredible food, and organization. Not to mention their friendly culture and incredible preservation of historic arts make for a rich experience.
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#2 Portugal
Even though it’s received an incredible amount of press, Portugal seems to maintain its charm and untouched characteristics. Whether it’s the tiled streets of Lisbon or the views from Porto, this country won’t break the bank and impress at the same time.
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#3 Sri Lanka
What doesn’t this island have? Tea plantations, sandy beaches perfect for surf, oh and did I mention, safaris? Make Sri Lanka at the top of your bucket list.
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#4 Malta
If you’re looking to be in Europe this summer and see something a little different, Malta is a place to consider. It’s idyllic island scenes and bustling towns make it a secluded escape for anyone looking for an European summer.
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#5 Cuba
Want to be amazed by a vibrant and a courageous culture? Cuba is the spot for you. I loved the incredible passion of locals who will pull you into their passionately-lived lives.
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#6 Indonesia
Well-designed spaces, plus great food, and the easy pace life makes Indonesia and more specifically Bali, a top destination.
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#7 Jordan
Often asked what place is your favorite and I always return to Jordan — a historic and incredibly friendly country. Don’t bypass an opportunity to be swept away by the wonder of Petra, the Dead Sea, and Wadi Rum.
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#8 Morocco
Where great food meets incredible riads, Morocco is perfect for a heated escape.
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#9 Spain
Oh Spain — can you ever get enough? Whether its Barcelona or Madrid, the pace of life in Spain is sure to put anyone at ease.
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#10 Canada
Our neighboring country is one with full of great destinations. Head to the outdoors in British Colombia, or visit a happening city like Vancouver or Montreal.
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#11 France
Road trips in Provence, late nights in Paris, and the best food in the world (okay maybe I am biased!) but what else could you ask for?
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#12 Vietnam
For those looking to dive deeper in Asia, start with Vietnam. Not as developed as Thailand, and a culturally rich destination to explore the “off the beaten path”.
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#13 Serbia
I was taken surprise with this Eastern European country, especially with Belgrade. It’s a must visit and a perfect stop on an eastern tour.
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#14 Italy
Italy will forever be a special place and the country has a never ending list of places to visit. Start with a small trip and hit the spots like Florence, Venice and the coast for an incredible trip.
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#15 Nicaragua
A sojourn on the coastline of Nicaragua is a retreat unlike any other. Sign up for a surf camp or a yoga retreat to clear your mind in a stunning place.
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18 Countries To Visit in 2018
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#16 Australia
With beautiful cities like Melbourne and Sydney, Australia is an easy international trip. Head here to be swept away by friendly locals and plenty of beach time.
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#17 Switzerland
My inner-outdoor addict is always drawn to the countryside of Switzerland. There are some serious breathtaking valleys and mountains in Switzerland that you can’t help but go to at least twice.
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#18 Taiwan
One country that took me by surprise was Taiwan — an island that is certainly the heart of Asia with a world of diversity.
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