If there’s something synonymous with Mexico City, it’s the word food. Some serious eats and some of the best restaurants in Mexico City are ones that top the world’s best list each year. Whether you’re in it for the street food or a 12-course meal, you’ll want to bookmark this list now.

20 Best Restaurants in Mexico City

Mexico City restaurants remind me of a lot of what you find in New York. Perhaps it’s that beautiful blend of well-executed decor or the top-notch service that does it for me. With different neighborhoods like Polanco or Roma, you can easily eat your way through the city.

One thing I found with the restaurants in Mexico City is the need to be reserved in advance. It seems as though there are a handful of restaurants on everyone’s list and for good reason. So those ones tend to book up way in advance.

I often joke that the amount of time you should spend in CDMX depends on how much you’d like to eat. You could spend weeks here and not do it all — the beauty of travel. I think around four to five days does the job. It’s the perfect amount of time to hit the classics and grab street food along the way.

So this list of best restaurants in Mexico City isn’t necessarily all that is top awarded. It’s a combination of restaurants doing something special — whether it’s fine dining or street food. Ready to start planning? Here’s my list of restaurants you won’t want to miss.

20 Best Restaurants in Mexico City

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1. Pujol

Chef Enrique Olvera is doing something special in this restaurant and has been for a long time. Pujol is not only an icon for Mexico City but is frequently rated as the best restaurant in all of Mexico.

It’s a journey through indigenous ingredients, an ode to corn, and one place you’ll want to reserve far in advance. The menu here is a multiple-course tasting menu.

2. Rosetta

What I love about Rosetta is that not only is the dining room beautiful (Instagram worthy) but the food is actually incredible. Chef Elena Reygadas does something wonderful here, a focus on homemade pasta and pastries is the best way I can put it.

Reserve this restaurant in Roma in advance and you’ll be happy to have a silky bowl of pasta mid-trip.

20 Best Restaurants in Mexico City

3. Contramar

An institution for Mexico City and all things seafood. Order the tuna tostadas, the house drink, and the whole fish.

It’s delicious, you may even eat there twice. I should have eaten here a few more times.

4. Máximo Bistrot Local

It’s tough to put my finger on the kind of cuisine, I suppose French with local ingredients? It’s delicious either way, a cool mid-century space, and always packed.

Maximo Bistrot has a wonderful tasting menu that is also a great deal if you’re looking for a coursed meal.

5. Dulce Patria

Inside Las Alcobas, one of the highest-rated restaurants in CDMX is Dulce Patria.

It’s a fine-dining take on what their grandmothers have been bringing to the table for years. Bright ingredients, colorful plating, and a range of mole bread are the highlights.

6. Sud 777

Number 16 on the World’s 50 Best List is reason enough to book a table. Chef Edgar Nuñez trained at El Bulli and Noma and brought back with him an incredible take on Mexican cuisine.

Think whimsical and playful dishes with an ode to ingredients from the source nearby.

7. Diana Restaraunt

Yes, hotels have wonderful restaurants and St. Regis is one of the best in the city. Diana is a must on two accounts: genius food and one incredible view.

It’s a modern take on traditional Mexican cuisine.

20 Best Restaurants in Mexico City

8. Quintonil

Came here the first time and the prixe-fixe lunch blew my mind. A journey through Mexican cuisine with beautiful plating.

If you can’t get a table at Pujol, this is the second-best.

20 Best Restaurants in Mexico City

9. El Huequito

Al pastor tacos are this spot’s specialty. Most of these Mexico City restaurants are small food stands where you’ll grub down on tacos on a small bar.

Multiple locations across CDMX and all amazing — my personal favorite is near Centro Historico.

10. Anatol

Inside Las Alcobas, Anatol is a win of a restaurant if you’re in Polanco.

Their food is all homemade, be sure to order the margarita — may be the best I’ve had. Their housemade ice cream is also a hit.

11. Belmondo

The most artisanal of all sandwich shops yet. The crispy chicken comes highly recommended.

Looking for a foodie adventure in Mexico City? One of the best ways to experience the city is via a food tour. These are a few favorites:

12. Garum

Specializing in Mediterranean cuisine, Garum is an ode to the classics with menu changes frequently.

13. Lardo

Come to this outpost in Condesa that is all for Tuscan charcuterie. One innovative dish is the green chilaquiles with burrata.

20 Best Restaurants in Mexico City

14. El Turix

Cochinita Pubil is the house favorite here and pretty much all they serve. One guy on the grill, slapping on a hefty portion of some fresh tortillas. Be sure to pile on the salsa too. *Cash only*

15. Rosetta Bakery

Yes, a pastry shop is on the list. It had to be done, and Elena Reygadas of Rosetta does it again. This time with warm guava-filled, flaky, buttery pastries.

Worth the wait, show up early in Roma Norte.

16. Masala y Maíz

A beautiful combination of Indian and African influences and dedication to the culinary roots that link India and Mexico.

20 Best Restaurants in Mexico City

17. Quesadillas Maria Isabel

A perfect hole in the wall in Polanco, where fried quesadillas are topped heavily in salsas.

18. Páramo

Only open at night and is often referred to as a hipster taqueria. Either way, delicious.

19. Niddo

In the heart of the Juarez neighborhood, this spot is all about European food with a Mexican twist.

20. Amaya

It’s hard to categorize but one could describe Amaya as great modern Mexican cuisine.

It’s highly known for its wine list that features natural wines.

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