These 20 best restaurants to eat at in Amsterdam show how many different cafes, restaurants, and quick bites there are. With a large multi-cultural community, it’s easy to have a meal at a French brasserie and then enjoy incredible Indonesian food the next night. With cozy spaces and friendly locals, it makes dining out in Amsterdam a really great experience.

20 Best Restaurants to Eat At in Amsterdam

After visiting Amsterdam a few times, I wanted to share our curated list. It’s some of the places we’ve eaten at and then some that we didn’t quite get to.

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For all of the restaurants, I’m going to break it out into three categories: upscale dining, cafes, and international cuisine. Take a look!

20 Best Restaurants to Eat At in Amsterdam

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Best Upscale Restaurants in Amsterdam

1. Conservatorium Brasserie + Lounge
A beautiful space (equally incredible hotel) hosts this upscale brasserie. Come here for afternoon tea and stay for an incredible dinner.

2. The White Room
Known for being one of the oldest restaurants in Amsterdam, the White Room takes fine dining to the next level. Come here for a prefix meal that is well worth the price.

3. Daalder
Where Asian influence meets local cuisine, come here for an elevated dining experience.

4. Librije’s Zusje
Inside the Waldorf Astoria, this upscale restaurant is one of the top on the list. It’s a mix of Dutch ingredients with beautiful plating here.

5. Vermeer
It seems that all great restaurants are tucked away in a hotel. Vermeer has a space to die for, a menu that is equally as incredible. Think a seasonal menu with rotating dishes here.

6. De Kas
Who knew you could east inside a greenhouse with a vegetable-forward menu in Amsterdam? Reserve a seat here far in advance to experience this incredible place.

7. Rijks
Located inside the Rijksmuseum, this Michelin-starred restaurant serves food as good as the art.

20 Best Restaurants to Eat At in Amsterdam

20 Best Restaurants to Eat At in Amsterdam

Best Cafes in Amsterdam

8. Small World Catering
One of the best sandwiches I’ve had in my life, come here for the turkey melt.

9. Cafe George
If you’re looking for brasserie style food, this has a ton of the classics.

10. Guts & Glory
This restaurant does “chapters” where every season the menu changes. Be sure to book in advance.

11. The Pantry
For traditional Dutch food, look no further. Pair lunch with a local draft beer here!

12. Café Caron
A cozy cafe perfect for a long dinner. The design is incredibly charming and their seafood menu is amazing.

13. Pluk
It’s a classic — definitely come in for breakfast or brunch here.

14. Brasserie Van Dam
For a brasserie style meal, be sure to reserve a table at Brasserie Van Dam. This places gets packed and has a fun atmosphere.

20 Best Restaurants to Eat At in Amsterdam

20 Best Restaurants to Eat At in Amsterdam

Best International Cuisine Restaurants in Amsterdam

15. Raïnarï
A North African/ Moroccan eatery was one of our favorites. Their baklava and mint tea is a must try.

16. Tujuh Maret
With an Indonesian community at the core of Holland, this restaurant is really good. Come here to try rijsttafel or rice table where you can taste different dishes.

17. Bar Fisk
We came to this bar for lunched and adored their Tel Aviv-inspired menu. It’s known as a cocktail bar but you can definitely come in for a light meal.

18. La Perla
If you’re looking for a fill of great pizza, this minimalist space is the spot to be.

19. Waterkant
A great location, this restaurant serves Surinamese food like tasty spring rolls and buns filled with different proteins.

20. Yamazato
Though this should be on the upscale list, this kaiseki-style restaurant is serving some of the top Japanese food right now.

20 Best Restaurants to Eat At in Amsterdam

20 Best Restaurants to Eat At in Amsterdam

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20 Best Restaurants to Eat At in Amsterdam


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