So you read my article on the “5 Things I Never Do On An Airplane.” It included some of tips and pointers to help be healthy on the plane and things to avoid. Now it’s time to tell you the 5 things I always do on an airplane. These are some of my go-to tricks to help travel be easier and more relaxed.

I find that having a game plan before I get on the plane is the best way to travel.

5 Things I Always Do On An Airplane

1. Pre-packed snacks
Yes, the best thing is pre-packed granola bars and snacks! I love bringing along some of my favorite munchies to have and I always have enough to replace a meal.

2. Pre-downloaded movies
I love having a rolodex of movies to choose from before getting on the plane, especially the long hauls. I download some of my favorite movies and stock up for the ride.

3. Keep my shoes on
Always, always keep my shoes on. Or I pack an extra pair of socks to wear exclusively on the plane and have a baggy for them afterwards.

4. Order ginger ale
I don’t ever drink soda, except on the plane, and only ginger ale. Maybe this is a childhood thing, but it’s one of my personal favorite things to do and brings me back to the good ol’ days.

5. Talk to the person next to me
I always have made it a point to ask the person next to me if they’re traveling to or from somewhere, what their name is, and how their day is going. Trust me, I don’t want to keep a conversation the whole flight, but you also never know who you’re sitting next to and what their story is. (My dad taught me this one).


Bon travels Xx!

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