Last month we did a poll and one of the top questions was tips for managing travel anxiety. Travel can often be anxiety-inducing between flying, packing, and feeling prepared.

5 Tips for Managing Travel Anxiety

I’ve found myself over the few years developing some habits to reduce the stress around travel. Some of them will come with no surprise but are still great to consider. Take a peak at a few of these tips.

5 Tips for Managing Travel Anxiety

1. Accept that it’s normal for the trip to have stress points.

I think we often build up more stress and anxiety when something goes wrong because it’s “no longer perfect.” It’s totally normal for a trip to have a mishap. A missed flight, delayed layover, not quite the hotel room, and more are very normal parts of travel. I try to hedge expectations so that when things don’t go the way I envisioned them, it’s not a complete melt down of emotions.

2. Be prepared.

If you’re headed somewhere new or out the country, knowledge is power. I always recommend getting a few guide books, reading some blog posts, and understanding more about the destination before you arrive. There’s nothing worse than showing up somewhere and not having a clue about it. Being prepared can help reduce anxiety and removes the unknown.

3. Give yourself time and develop rituals.

I am a big believer in showing up to the airport early because I know I get stressed out otherwise. It’s my new habit — I often show up 3 hours before a domestic flight. I settle in, I check into a lounge and I grab a bite. It’s one of my rituals for flying. Finding rituals throughout your travels is important — it helps develop familiarity. My other favorite is always unpacking when I arrive to a hotel, it makes me feel at home immediately.

4. Use facts to help lower anxiety.

It’s easy to play things up, to blow things out of proportion (it’s one of my skills!). If you’re worried about flying, perhaps read some recent studies on airplanes (spoiler alert: they’re incredibly safe in comparison to other modes of transport). It’s good to bring things down as our minds start to spin. And the best way to do so is with hard numbers and facts.

5. Celebrate past wins and keep a reminder note.

If anxiety is crippling, go through your last travel wins that you’ve had. It’s such a great method for combatting present struggles. Successfully took a flight without anxiety? Store this win and pull it out for those moments your body temp rises on the plane. There’s power to lifting up the wins and visualizing how you’d like to feel in this stress points.

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5 Tips for Managing Travel Anxiety


  1. Avatar

    I’m definitely less stressed if I arrive at the airport super early. I tend to panic last minute that I’ve forgotten an SD card or my actual camera, and I usually end up pulling my hand luggage apart to check (despite checkin 3/4 times prior to leaving) so having the extra time means if I have forgotten my SD card or similar I can buy one at the airport.

    Great tips you’ve shared here, I love the idea of focusing on past successful travelling experience.

    Emily | Snippets of Emily’s Life xx

    • Jessica Wright
      Jessica Wright Reply

      I feel ya! The SD card has happened to me before!

  2. Avatar
    Julia Thompson Reply

    I totally agree with number one. Things go wrong when traveling literally all the time and if you let them stress you out, it’s just gonna make for a rough journey. I think I’ve had so many problems at the airport throughout my travels that they usually don’t even phase me anymore. Accepting that there will probably be an issue at some point is the best way to prepare and overcome it!

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