Beautiful architecture, stunning views, and beer to last a lifetime— Prague, is without a doubt a destination all travelers should see. Between checking out the sights, eating local cuisine, or simply meandering through the vast city, Prague has something for every kind of traveler.

Explore Prague like a local and rent one of these beautiful bohemian flats.

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1. Glasshouse Flat

What we love: Hoping to visit Old Town without the crowds? This flat is for you. Wake up early for a peaceful walk around the main square, as this apartment is located just seconds from Old Town.

Good to know: If you have any questions, the hosts are readily available.

2. Large Flat

What we love: Looking for a little break from the hustle of the city? Just down the street from the flat rests a small park complete with a waterfall and views of the castle.

Good to know: This large flat is located on the fourth floor without an elevator, plan accordingly.

3. Wenceslas Square Flat

What we love: This flat is the ultimate escape from the city. With tall ceilings and a large terrace, this newly renovated flat has everything you want and more. Don’t forget to grab a pint and relax out on the terrace.

Good to know: Looking to explore outside the neighborhood? The flat is located within a few minutes of local metros and trams for further exploration.

4. Contemporary Flat

What we love: This contemporary flat rests in a Neo- Baroque style building, creating a stylish escape from the city. Be sure to explore the neighborhood as there are plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants right outside your door.

Good to know: Traveling with a car? There are a few options close by – be sure to contact the owner for more information.

5. Designer Loft Flat

What we love: This attic apartment has been recently renovated, creating a design-filled space ready to be enjoyed. Located ideally on Wenceslas Square, getting around Prague has never been easier as public transportation is at your doorstep.

Good to know: While there is an elevator readily available, it is quite small and can only accommodate two people at a time.

6. Boutique Flat

What we love: This boutique flat is perched on the top floor of the building, allowing for stunning views of the city. To explore the city by foot, local trams are just a two minute walk from the flat.

Good to know: Don’t forget to check out the neighborhood, as there are plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants to explore.

7. Lovely Old Town Flat

What we love: This flat is situated right in the heart of Old Town. Sights like the Astronomical Clock, The Church of Our Lady, and the Charles Bridge are all within a five to ten minute walk from the front door.

Good to know: This flat is located on the second floor with two flights of stairs — be sure to pack accordingly

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Guest post by Natasha Pleis

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