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Our final inspiration for 2019 comes from 9 creatives. Every year I interview and ask the same question: what is your 2019 bucket list?

It seems each year has a trend. This year, destinations are geared to more meaningful travel experiences. Experiences that find themselves in remote lands. It’s no wonder many of the destinations include the great outdoors like Patagonia, Oman, and Peru.

9 Creatives in Travel Share Their 2019 Bucket List

On the other side, we’re seeing exotic places like Zanzibar, Latvia, and Kenya. The kind of countries that may not always be top of mind but are ripe for discovery. I know I certainly did a bit of searching around after seeing these answers.

It’s always so inspirational to see where these creatives in travel have thought of for this year’s travels, giving us an inside look to what we can look forward to. If you’re not already following along on Instagram, I recommend jumping in for the ride — it’s going to be a year of great adventure. Take a look a 9 creatives sharing their 2019 bucket list.

9 Creatives in Travel Share Their 2019 Bucket List

9 Creatives in Travel Share Their 2019 Bucket List

Jess of @TheWonderingDreamer

“I’m hugely excited about 2019 and what it brings. The new year starts with Mauritius, Seychelles, and the Maldives. Later in the year, my partner and I plan to travel to Scandinavia in our renovated Mercedes sprinter, to soak up our surroundings without any schedule.

9 Creatives in Travel Share Their 2019 Bucket List

Carley of @CarleysCamera

“Meeting local artisans + creatives, experiencing beautiful natural landscapes, discovering unique beautiful hotels, and enjoying new cultural excursions feed my creativity. I’m always looking to find a destination that can offer all of this and more. I’ve always dreamed of visiting Egypt and 2019 might be the year! Japan, Peru, and Zanzibar are also on my radar.”

9 Creatives in Travel Share Their 2019 Bucket List

Christina of @ChristinaGalbato

“While I’ll be re-visiting some familiar faves like Bali, Turkey and Mexico, I’ll also be exploring places that feel more unknown. Jordan, Oman, Patagonia, Kenya and Namibia are all calling me!”

9 Creatives in Travel Share Their 2019 Bucket List

Jess of @JessSomewhere

“2018 reignited my love of the outdoors, so many of the top destinations in 2019 fall into that category. I would love to visit New Zealand, Patagonia, the PNW in the US, and Nepal. I also want to explore more of Asia and my first trip this year will be to Singapore, Malaysia, and Myanmar.”

9 Creatives in Travel Share Their 2019 Bucket List

Stacie of @StacieFlinner

“2019’s travels will be a mix of new loves and old favorites. Many of our trips are going to be activity-based as we try to maintain an active lifestyle on the go. I’m hoping to visit every continent (except Antarctica) again this year, starting with swimming in the glittering waters of Phu Quoc, Vietnam, hiking and fishing in Chilean Patagonia, cross country skiing outside of Oslo, Norway, experiencing the Great Migration in Kenya’s Masai Mara, and visiting my father in Australia!”

9 Creatives in Travel Share Their 2019 Bucket List

Ana of @AnaNewYork

“I’ve had my eye on Amangiri for a while, hopefully I’ll make it out there this year. Norway, Copenhagen, and Thailand also come to mind for some travel plans. I’ll be heading back to Mexico this year, Spain, Portugal and Italy for sure, excited for some projects I have going. Looking forward to 2019 being a year of adventure.”

9 Creatives in Travel Share Their 2019 Bucket List

Selena Taylor of @FindUsLost

“We’re currently planning out two weeks of exploration in India, a summer road trip in Norway, and a visit to the lavender fields in France for 2019. Our favorite types of trips are usually more off-the-beaten path destinations, and I’ve been wanting to see the pastel towns of Tallinn, Estonia and Riga, Latvia for years now. Hopefully, we’ll make it there in time for the winter Christmas markets!”

9 Creatives in Travel Share Their 2019 Bucket List

Mark and Mim of @TheCommonWanderer

“We’re keen for lots of outdoor adventures in 2019, hopefully starting with a month in Vietnam before heading back to Europe (our base) for some hiking in the European Alps (Slovenia or Italy!), and we’re keen for a slow train travel journey through the south of Italy. We’ve also got our eyes on Oman, Iran, and Patagonia, so fingers crossed they work out too!”

9 Creatives in Travel Share Their 2019 Bucket List

Anne of @Anne_Elizabeth

“I usually have a long list of new destinations I want to explore each year, but for 2019 I’m finding myself wanting to explore some new spots in favorite countries I’ve already been to.

First up, I’ll be road-tripping through Sicily, a part of Italy I’ve yet to make it to but have always wanted to see. I’m also planning trips to Oaxaca and Mexico City — mostly for the tacos. And Japan being one of my favorite trips from last year, I’m already dreaming of a return trip (this time in the winter!)”

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9 Creatives in Travel Share Their 2019 Bucket List

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