A city vibrant with culture, food, and endless museums, Mexico City knows how to show anyone a good time. I love that you can have a diverse experience, from dining at Michelin-star restaurants to taco stands, that both blend beautifully. Diverse neighborhoods provide an opportunity for the traveler looking to blend the best of the past and future together in an unforgettable adventure. Here are nine things to do in Mexico City:

1. Visit the Biblioteca Vasconcelos.
The architecture alone is worth a visit, but the people who come here from all walks of life is inspiring. I could of spent hours in this library just soaking it in.

2. Taste the local food.
There are plenty of street carts, be sure the food is prepared hot and well-cooked, and get lost in Mexico City’s incredible cuisine.

3. See the Museo Soumaya.
The building looks like fish scales, and inside holds multiple floors of art from Rodin to traditional local art.

4. Hang like the locals at Hotel Condesa.
Though it’s a hotel, it seems the locals come here to grab coffee by a swanky pool and cool digs.

5. Explore the food marts.
This is one of my favorite things to do in a new country — take a look at the local produce and grab a few to go.

6. Visit the Museo Tamayo.
The one-stop shop for contemporary art lovers.

7. Have a memorable dinner at Quintonil.
One of those meals that will remain in your memory, Quintonil has a coursed menu that highlights the best of local ingredients and traditional dishes. 

8. Walk the Condesa neighborhood.
This was my favorite area to explore by foot as the architecture is stunning and hidden gems seem to pop up everywhere.

9. Get caffeinated at Chiquitito Cafe.
Stop by for a great cup of coffee.

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